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Carol - April 8

I've read the you should avoid eating Mexican Cheese while pregnant. I think this is because of the listeria. Does anyone know if it is safe to eat if it is hot - say in a quesedilla? I love Mexican and can't imagine going 9 months without the cheese!


Robyn - April 8

I havent heard anything about that. What is Mexican cheese? From what I hear and read on this site there are plenty of women indulging in mexican food...ladies you know who you are lol. And you know what I think? As long as everything you eat is cooked well, not past a spoil date, and not fighting with you while you eat it is fine! Look at like our grandparents....I am sure they didnt have all these crazy restrictions like no hot dogs or mexican cheese! And we all made it here one way or another lol. Anyways Carol, as long as it is something you can stomach and it hasnt bothered you up till now, I wouldnt worry. Pregnancy is a blessing and you should indulge yourself in what ever way you can to counter act the suffering and uncomfortableness we all have to go through! Go girl...cheese it up! And if you have some serious concerns ask doc and he should tell you the same thing. Happy Pregnancy! YaY!


Lynn - April 8

If it hasn't been through the pasteurization process then it is not safe to eat no matter how hot it is. The only thing that will rid cheese of lysteria is pasteurization.. check the label & see if it is pasteurized.


Carol - April 8

I don't mean to correct you Lynn, but listeria is a bacteria and is killed when heated to boiling. That is why pregnant women are told to hea tup lunch meats before eating - to kill the listeria. I just went to the FDA and the CDC web site. Both said that the cheese was okay if heated until bubbling.


Nadine - April 8

Hard cheese is fine. Any soft cheese (like queso blanca) is not recommeded or should be heated to boiling. I had blue cheese last night (very small, small crumbles on my salad). I forgot!! Thanks for reminding me : )



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