Going Nuts With The Whole Quot Foods To Avoid Quot Thing

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Seal - June 12

I need to vent. I'm losing it with the constant fear of eating something "dangerous" and getting listeria. Example - I went out tonight for our 2 yr wedding anniversary, to a nice restaurant. We ordered appetizers (including vietnamese wraps) and I ordered a juice to drink - Mango - because I thought it seemed like a good choice from the "yellow fruits and veggies" category. Well of course it wasn't until dinner was over that it occurred to me that there were sprouts in the (uncooked) wraps (potential listeria-harbourers) and that it was possible that the mango juice wasn't pasteurized!! So I got really p___sed off at myself and calling myself an idiot (etc) and basically venting about how I seriously can't keep up with the things i can't do and all the fears about getting listeria ("don't eat this, it will kill your baby" - no cold foods, no unwashed foods, no unpasteurized foods, the list goes on endlessly). And so of course I ended up not enjoying our nice night out!! Is anyone else going through this, or am I just being TOO hard on myself and too vigilant?? argh.


DrK - June 12

Not the first time I have posted to a similar question. If you believe everything you read in america about pg you cant imagine how one baby even gets born. Women in Japan (sushi, hot baths), Greeks (unpasteurized chz), and women all over the world who dont read the books we read have been having babys for years! Im not going to say that there are not doc_mented cases of such, but there are small chances of alot of bad things that can happen. If we dwell on them we end up stressed like you were the other night. Are you not going to drive the store to get food bc the risk of accidents are higher than the risk of the food you would buy. THats crazy! Just reevaluate the situation (you are obviously trying to do the right things for your baby) and talk to your dr. Adjust to what you are comfortable with and ENJOY your pregnancy. After all your only pregnant you dont have a disease, and for some reason thats how people view it these days....


Britney23 - June 13

Hi Seal - Just try to take it easy. I know how you feel though. I was 6 weeks pregg (now 9 weeks) and ate about 4 cans of tuna in one week. the next week, i saw a whole article on cnn.com how pregnant woman must absolutely have no tuna, due to high mercury content. So i called my dad in a panic (he's a doctor) and he replied that woman have been falling pregnant on tuna sandwiches long before cnn came out! (and having healthy babies!) I come from south africa, and trust me, the africans certainly don't read these books and my are their babies strong and healthy! So take it easy, and just eat healthy. goog luck!


tonilee7 - June 13

well, this is all news to me I am from australia and have never heard of any of the above mentioned things, I have never even heard of not being able to eat certain foods, I just though it was alright to eat anything.......well eating anything never hurt my first boy....mind you I would never eat sushi full stop .......thanks i found that very interesting give me something to think about


Cocozen - June 13

I was told to stay away from raw MEATS. Not uncooked vegetables or fruits or anything like that just meat. Like a bloody steak or a juicy hamburger. Other than undercooked meat everything should be just fine for you to eat!! Don't let things hype you up bad or you're going to starve to death! You have to remember that including eating right and taking care of yourself physically, you have to do t mentally. If you stress out over little things not only is it bad for you, but also your baby! I would just sit back relax and eat whatever your mind tells you it wants. Being picky and choosy can make you cut out on foods that you NEED. Just remember, cautious is one thing but overdoing it is another.



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