Need Help On Telling The Family At Christmas

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ANNE*** - November 26

how to tell family memebers at Christmas that you are pregnant!!what could i do to suprise theme!


lilmama - November 27

a cute idea could be to buy something for the baby, a bottle, rattle, outfit... and wrap it and put your name on it from santa or something. When it comes time to open presents, open it first and say something like oh it must be for the new baby. Everyone will be so shocked. Or make it a point for everyone to see you put a baby's first christmas ornamet on the tree. Good luck, i hope you get some more ideas, im not as creative as i wish i could be


candy - November 27

Make a christmas card wuth an ann geddes baby on the outside(you can buy these) write in the inside some miracles just happen, others take 9 months love yours and your husbands name it will be the best gift ever.


chris - November 28

get something baby that says i love grandma or grandpa and give it as a gift


Jamie - November 28

Here is a poem that we are going to use if all goes well. We have our first ultrasound on Dec. 23 perfect timing. I do not have a face to see, Or put inside a frame. I do not have soft cheeks to kiss, I don't yet have a name. You can't yet hold my tiny hands, 'Nor whisper in my ear. It's still too soon to sing a song, Or cuddle me so near. But all will change come July, That’s when they say I'm due. I'm your new grandchild; I can't wait till I meet you. All I ask between now and then Is your patience while I grow. I promise I'll be worth the wait, Because of all the love we'll know. So have a Merry Christmas A wish to you from me. I cannot wait to be a part Of this wonderful family


E - November 28

Maybe you could purchase some baby items that Grandma/GP will need at their home for the visits or overnights?


Debra - November 29

My best friend and her husband came over to our house for a Christmas party last year. She handed me a pack of photos to look at and as I flipped through them, I came across an ultrasound photo of their new baby on the way! Wow! was I suprised!


anna - December 5

Go to the jewelry store and get a braclet box and out your pregnancy test in there>>>


Jonie - December 8

When I was pregnant with my son, I gave my mother a set of baby booties for Christmas. The look on her face was priceless as she tried to figure out what was going on!


m - December 8

These are some good ideas! Jamie, I LOVE that poem! Also, Anne, you could find one of those picture frames that says something about Grandchildren and wrap it up. Use a rattle or pa__sy or something as a bow.


Bryan - December 9

We told her parents the following way. We took all of our wedding pictures and scanned them to the computer. From there we added music and made our own slide show. At then end, I placed a slide and had the following on it: "Next Chapter is "DUE" to begin on July 5th, 2005.


kate - December 11

I'm not telling anyone anything until after the amnio.I can't stand people asking, touching and sharing their stories.What are your names, how far along, blah blah blah....pa__s thank-you very much!


Bryan - December 13

Kate, Thanks for that imput. I am sure it will be greatly apperciated by the person asking how to tell the good news.


cathy - December 14

We are going to tell our families on Christmas also. My folks live 1200miles away. We are going to give them a card that says. " We hope you like your gift. It took a lot of time and work. There is no receipt. And you cannot return it" In the gift will be something that says Worlds greatest grandparents. They have been wanting a grandchild from us for so long. I can't wait for them to open the gift and call me. : ) Good luck to all of you!


Leah - December 14

We told our families by a video tape, we told them to pause the tape and open special cards. They were to read the "congrats you are a Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle ect." cards, then start the video back up. On the remaining video we told them of the wonderful news and the details. The whole family loved it! I think it really made an impact because we were living in British Columbia and they were in Ontario!


kiki - December 16

I think you should buy a i love g-mom bib.or whoever your gonna tell.they have all types of themes now.wrap it in a box and give it to them


N - December 16

We told the family with these cute little stuffed animals with countdown clocks on their bellies. I found them on sale at Babies R Us for 2 bucks!! They were discontining them. But when we got pregnat the second time I found some online for about 25$. Not the cute teddybears we have, but storks, lambs and Bunnies(or was it puppies??) I loved them. This time (3rd child) we are getting new batteries for the bears!! I loved that poem!!Maybe, if the auther wouldn't mind I will incorperate part of that??



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