Progesteron Supplements 8 5weeks Pregnancy Symptons Ended

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Daisy - October 28

Hi there, I'm in my 8+5 week of pregnancy. Since I had a previous miscarriage my doctor had put my on 200mg progesteron depositories. I felt really sick but suddenly all those pregnancy symptons have disappeared. I didnt have any bleeding though. I'm worried now, and my next appt. is in 3 weeks. If anyone has some information you can share with me I'd be very grateful. Thanks


Jenn - October 28

I can't give you answer, but I do understand how you are feeling. I recently had a mc so my dr said next time she'll give me progesterone. If you are worried call your doctor to get in sooner, nothing is better than having some peace of mind.


T - October 28

I think sometimes the body adjusts to the hormones and then you are no longer sick. But I would call the dr to see if you can get in earlier or take a beta blood test. Something to ease your mind. It's worth it!!!!


Heather - October 28

I am also on progesterone...I am almost 6 weeks pregnant and all my symptoms have almost disappeared also. My b___sts are still a little tender, but the nausea is almost gone. I felt really sick in the beginning too...and this is my second child and I feel less sick with this one that with my daughter. I actually almost don't feel PG at all...hope this helps.


Crissi - October 28

Also on 200 mg v____al progesterone (Prometrium capsules) and I am 6+6... wish they would EASE at least. I have tremendously tender b___sts and the meds seem to keep me running... ah, yeah, that! :( Minimal nausea, but 4th baby and I really never have been one of those nauseous all the time. Any chance you can go to doc sooner and get a peek to check things out?


Daisy - October 28

Thank you all for you're replies. I'll def.will try to get an earlier doctors appt. Heather and Crissi, if you can please keep us posted about your development with pogesteron. I just have no one else I can talk about this concern . Thanks



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