Quot Bluish Quot Vagina

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Nat22 - May 1

Has anyone experienced having the bluish/purplish color vulva during pregnancy?? I have read that this is a normal symptom but I am still the same pink color as I have always been down there!! I am curious about this... could something be wrong if my vulva hasn't changed color? (by the way, I will be 6weeks tomorrow)


Cabbie - May 1

I have not heard of a bluish vulva, but with each of my pregnancies the dr checked at my first appt to make sure my cervix was shut and talked about the healthy blue tint of the cervix.


voilet06 - May 1

I have heard the same thing Nat and mine hasn;t changed either - I heard too the your nipples change colour too (darker) but that hasn;t happened either! i think everyone is different! talk to your dr! When is your first prenatal scheduled for? just curious?


Steff - May 1

Have you ever read Jenny McCarthy's book "Belly Laughs"? It is soooo funny and talk all about stuff like this. Only she calls it "the blue twinkies". btw: From her book, I think she had the WORST pregnancy EVER!! ha ha. She is so halarious!


Erynn21 - May 1

I can say that I am pretty far into my 2nd tri and don't have that, but when I went for my 1st doc. appt. my ob showed my hubby the little blue dot that is my cervix. Now hearing the words "little" and "dot" freaked me out a bit, but that's way in the past. I haven't changed color except my nipples are really dark brown(they used to be pinkish-brown) and I'm getting the linea negra which is the dark line pg. women get. And Steff I have got to get that Jenny McCarthy book it sounds so funny.


Nat22 - May 2

Thanks everyone for your answers.... my first dr. appt. is on May 16th (still 2 more weeks!! lol) so I still have a little time to wait. And about the Jenny McCarthy book, I actually just started reading it last week! I've only read a few chapters so far, it's hard to find time in between work and being soooo tired.


Perl - May 4

I'm in my 11th week and just read about this in my pregnancy journal today. The journal has daily tidbits of information about pregnancy and says that in the 11th week the v____a/vulva/cervix start to get darker. I was surprised to to read this because I never heard of it and can't imagine why but hey lots of things about pregnancy are strange and new to me.


Nat22 - May 4

Well that makes me feel better that others have heard of this too... and I'm glad that it's normal to happen a few eeks ahead of how far I am right now. I got kinda nervous, but I feel better about it now.


AppleCake - May 5

Well, I definately had arather fetching purple colur down there with my last pregnancy *blushes* I didn't notice it until quite late on though. I thought it was to do with increased blood flow/blood not flowing away as easily.


knpandrews - May 5

Hi ladies... I am in the middle of reading the Jenny McCathy book, I love it. I also bought my husband a book called so you think you can swim which is absolutely hilarious. My husband i not much of a reader if it is not sports related but with this book he read it outload to me in 1 night. :) so romantic. I think these books definately take a little of the every day worries away. :)


knpandrews - May 5

opps... the name of the book i bought for my hubby is "so your boys can swim". I love this book and it has made him so much more sensative to my needs.



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