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kellydawnking - October 22

Hi everybody I'm glad I found this forum after searching around on the net. I'm 28 a personal Trainer and I have a 7yr old daughter. I would like to share my story with everyone about a year and half ago I was treated at 3 different hospitals and two of them could not find out what was wrong with me and why I was so sick. I got so ill one night my family after calling 911 I was taken to a more advanced hospital to only find out I had a 3 cyst eruption which screwed up a tube:( I was starting kidney troubles. Every year my doctor would say these cyst were nothing to worry about and they won't cause any harm. So I never dreamed in a million years that's what caused me to get so sick. So every since that happened to me I am not so cool with the whole female cyst thing. After this happened I had to go see another doctor who told me I had some damage and I probably won't be able to have any more children. As far as I knew I could not anyway because I figured after years of trying after my daughter and it never happening it must have been something to do with the cyst. Will now that the cyst are gone I started to have normal cycles which I have not had since my little girl. I figured hey I'm really having normal cycles after all these years. My soon to be hubby and I started not using anything when he got home from Iraq. Months went by I was late a few times test always said nope your not. After months of this I was upset but I figured nothing has changed I guess it's just not meant to be I'm never going to have another baby. So we stop trying and just do our thing and not that long ago my feet started swelling up I thought nothing of it as we were in the middle of moving. Figured it had something to do with that. Then my br___t started in every cycle they would be painful but not so much like this. One evening after getting out of the shower. I noticed my blood v around my neck were very noticeable. Which I thought was odd lol. About a week or two later I was laying in bed one evening and I felt something like what felt like air bubbles in my stomach. So I thought hmm with the moving and all and I have not been paying attention at all. I can't remember when my last cycle was. I believe it was in aug. I went to walmart the next day bought a cheap test because you get so sick of wasting money all the time when in the past for years your test always come back not pg. I got home taken the test and as soon as I could set the test down I had two lines. I was in shock! I thought no way it's cheap it's lying to me! lol So I went and got a pack of two 1st response digital and taken both and both said I was. I was not convinced yet. That fallowing Monday I went to the health dept. Sure enough I am! That think my due date is sometime in May. We were not planning this and wow! Just when you actually stop trying and think nothing about it and boom! It comes out of nowhere. So now were getting married in a few weeks sooner than what we were going too. I could not be anymore happier. Still very much in shock like this is not really happening. I just want to share my happiness with all of you and I guess even when they say no more kids for you there is always a possibility. I'm way out of practice girls it's been seven years I somewhat remember the good old baby days. So I really hope to learn a lot by being here and get caught up on what I used to know once:) Thanks for reading:)


tish212 - October 22

first off CONGRATS! that's awesome..me and dh were trying for 5 years with nothing this past march I got a laperscopy done...well I was supposed to wait 2 weeks to have s_x but by day 6 I couldn't wait..lol...and honestly we weren't trying we were just...ya know ;) and sure enough by the end of april I got my bfp. so u r 100% right it does happen when ur not really trying. that's wonderful though that after going through all that... that u get such a wonderful gift.... :) congrats again....


ma1008 - October 22

CONGRATS! kelly, thats great. does your dauther know she is going to be a gig sister?


kellydawnking - October 22

I told my daughter the other day and she has already told about everyone she can;) I never seen her so happy everyday she has been asking me is it time for the baby yet? lol. She has come up with some names and she is asking for a sister. I told her we don't always get what we want it could be a boy we don't know. She has been lonely being an only child so when it comes down to it I don't think she really cares as long as she finally has someone else around. I can tell already she is going to be one of these big sisters who is all into the baby. And thanks for the Congrats:)


jenn W - October 23

Congratulations, it's so wonderful to hear about someone getting pregnant after trying for a while. I wish you all the luck in the world with your new little one! :)


ma1008 - October 23

thats great, i haven't told my daughter yet. i have a 4 year old. she picked out a baby she wants from a magazine and asked me if i was going to tell the doctor i wanted that baby. lol. we actually haven't told anybody, im waiting until my first appt on the 12th. she's pretty lonely too, but wants a baby brother which surprised me cause i thought maybe she'd want a sister to play with but nope, she wants a boy. when is your appt?


RMC - October 26




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