Sortry If TMI Erotic Dreams

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softbreeze200 - December 17

Sorry if this makes anyone uncomfortable -I am just wondering if anyone else is having weird erotic dreams and if this continues throughout the whole pregnancy??? Lol - have to say I wouldn't mind if it did!! ;)


mjvdec01 - December 17

I did!! Later on it is possible to have an orgasm in your sleep. I had read about it but didn't really believe it until it happened to me one night. I only had one, and it really surprised me. It woke me from a dead sleep. I think I was about 7 or 8 months along at the time.


nola-gal - December 17

so weird! maybe the erotic dreams are supposed to make up for us not wanting to have s_x as much. we can say, "but honey, i DREAMT we were having s_x...and it was great!" no, this hasn't happened to me yet, but sure would be nice if it did! thanks for sharing!


stefkay - December 17

OMG, I posted on this before I think and I've posted to the girls I chat with regularly on the m/c forum...I started having spontaneous orgasms in my sleep at like 5 weeks or so. It freaked me out because it would wake me up and then I'd have cramping. I cried one time because I was so scared it would cause me to miscarry!!! P__sed me off too because I couldn't control it at all. I found out from the other girls that it is quite common so I felt much better hearing I'm not alone AND that it didn't harm any babies ;) I figure I best enjoy it because I'm too scared to have s_x right now due to my high risk status. This orgasm thing has only happened a handful of times though (not a nightly occurence).


boodahbaby - December 17

I haven't had any erotic dreams, but I do have dreams about b___stfeeding and other daily things that will occur once this baby is born! It's so real sometimes that I wake up thinking, I guess I have to get up to feed the baby! Wierd!!


stefkay - December 17

Oh, and I meant to add that I didn't have any erotic dreams either, just the orgasms! How weird is that???


heatherjene - December 18

Yep - I have had this quite alot, even though me and hubby have s_x quite alot!! You would think I would get enough, but apparently not. lol I started noticing the dreams around 8 weeks and they happen now about 4x a week. I am 11 weeks now. Talk about some good dreams though!!



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