Vaginal Discharge

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Teresa - September 10

Anyone out there experiencing any unusual va___al discharge- creamy yellow in colour, with no noted odour, itchiness or burning sensation. I'm six weeks pregnant and hoping!!!


jenna - June 22

the reason i knew i was pregnant is because my discharge got thicker, with no odor, but i do not have burning or itching..


Laura - June 22

I'm 11 weeks and my discharge has been thicker for a while, sometimes yellowish, but no odour or itchiness. I believe this is normal.


Emma - June 28

Im 6 weeks also with yellowish discharge, but no odour or itchiness. When I had a v____al swab taken everything was normal. I can't say don't worry because its easier said than done (i've had 2 miscarriages).


sjs - July 5

im 12wks and have thick discharge and hearing other women talk about it. I guess it's normal.


Dawn - July 8

I'm 8wks along and also having yellowish discharge (no odour). Apparently it's fairly normal. Seeing your doctor will rea__sure you. Good luck :-)


Karen - July 28

I am 12 weeks with a yellow discharge, no ordor or itchiness. By the sounds of the feedback here, I will consider it to be normal. THANKS!!!


denise - July 28

im about 20 weeks preg and my discharge is white but its kinda red too and it burns


Florence - July 29

I'm 6 weeks pregnant, my discharge is white. But the Gyno, says everything is normal.


Niki - July 29

I am 8wks and i have a thick odourless yellow discharge.I thot was normal also but just recently found out it;s thrush!!!Always check with a GP and never a__sume.


Jacinta 21 - August 21

Yeah I'm experiencing varginal discharge as well. Good Luck Teresa


Christina Conyers - August 21

Don't feel bad, I got it to, and I'm 8 weeks pregnant. Good Luck.


Brianna - August 21

ThankGod this is normal. I'm almost 9 weeks and have had v____al discgarge for the past 4 days. It is somewhat clear but is also very white. It is gooey, stretchy, and kinda thick. It resembles mucous very much. I posted a few days ago if this is normal and no one responded, but thankfully I read all these post. That is like my definite sign that I'm indeed pregnant. I never in my entire life have had discharge like and that is how I knew I was pregnant. It does not smell, hurt, itch, burn, or is irritating. It does only come once in a couple of hours and then it'll come back. I have had yeast infections 3 times before and a UTI and I definitely know that this is not one. I'm so happy I'm gonna be a MOMMY!!! God Bless and Good Luck to yall!


KC - August 22

I am experiencing some im about 7 weeks pregnant except i do have itching. Well if i find anything out I'll post it.... Ps dr. says increased discharge is normal.


Sammie - August 31

Nicole, I am in the same boat as you, I need to know like right now if I'm pg or not! I would only be about a week or so along (right around implantation tme)but for the last day or so I have been having a creamy white discharge--no itching/burning or odor. I also have been pretty crampy--like the kind you would get right before you are expecting your period--but I'm not due to get mine until around sept. 8th. If anyone can shed some light on this matter--am I going crazy, or could I possibly be pregnant???


Sarah - August 31

I am having this mucus like v____al discharge but it is kind of brown in colour!? What does this mean!?!?!?! I am also 3 weeks late.


Navi - September 2

I'm 28 weeks pregnant and I've been getting a thick yellowish discharge for ht epast few days. from what I hear this is completely normal.



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