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scarlett - April 6

I don't know if there is already a thread on the same topic, but I thought it would be nice if we share how old we are(of course, if it's a sensitive issue to some women then that's fine :) and whether it's our 1st/2nd/3rd baby/pregnancy. Me: I will be 24 when my baby is due, First pregnancy, first baby =)


Angie603 - April 6

I'm 27 and I have never been pregnant this is my first:)


jamiew - April 6

I am 27 yrs old and this is #5 for me.


Stacy B - April 6

I am 26 2nd first pregnancy ended in a m/c.


Stacy B - April 6

When are you all due? I'm due late October early November.


Susan W - April 6

34, third pregnancy, second living child (second pregnancy ended in m/c in January), due October 27th.


stacie23 - April 6

I'm 23 and this is my first! I'm six weeks along today..and sooooooo tired!


Erin333 - April 6

I will be 24 tommorrow and this is my second pregnancy. I have a 3 year old daughter and another daughter due Sept 1st.


Jennifer28 - April 6

Happy B-day tomorrow, Erin! I am 28, 2nd pregnancy (1st ended in m/c in Dec). My due date is 11/30. I am 6 wks today! :)


drea - April 6

Happy B-Day Erin......I'm 31 and this is my first, my baby is due September 16th :-)


deltabwa - April 6

Happy B-day Erin, I'm 38, 5th pg, 4th child, last pg ended in m/c in Jan also. Due Dec 13.


stacie23 - April 6

hi jennifer! we have the same due date! I'm nov 30th too! are you having m\s at all? I 'm not yet... just sleepy!


andrea2 - April 6

I'm 28 and this is my 3rd. I have a 8yr old and a 2yr old. They will me 9 and 3 when the baby is due in November.


Stacy B - April 6

For the ladies that have already had a baby did you all deliver close to your due date or did you deliver way early or later? I'm actually due Nov 8, but for some reason I think I'm having my baby at the end of October.


eyes82000 - April 6

I'm 23 now; turning 24 next month. This is my 3rd pregnancy, second child. My last pregnancy ended in a m/c in Oct. 05. I have a wonderful 5 year old son who is very excited to be a big brother. StaceyB- my due date with my son was March 30th and he was born March 9th. I had a lot of problems with going into preterm labor so that's why he was so early. I think most of the time people do deliver pretty close to their due date.


Erin333 - April 6

Thanks Ladies. Stacy my last due date was July 10th. I had my daughter June 29th. This time I'm due Sept 1st and I have a strong feeling it will be end of August.


Stacy B - April 6

Thanks Erin!



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