A Question For The Canadian Mums

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cangirl - May 24

do you know if they if there is charge if you want a pic of the ultrsound


tndrlvn - May 24

Hi Cangirl, I am in BC and at my ultra sound they charged $5. per picture, it states it on the sheet i got at the Ultra sound clinic when i made the appt. How far along are you? I am 13 weeks today!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sent for an early one U/S due to miscarriages so went at 8 1/2 weeks but i was to early to see anything worth getting a picture of.....I have my next Dr. appt. next tuesday so I am going to ask for another U/s. hehehe


cangirl - May 24

i am 13 weeks to i live in ontario maybe it is still the same


tndrlvn - May 24

is this your first pregnancy? This is my first. DH and I have been triing for 2 years.....this is the farthest i have been.....I'm so excited When are you scheduled for U/s?


cangirl - May 24

yes tndrlvn this is first successful pregnancy my ultrsound is in one week


ksmom - May 24

hey cangirl, here in SK we dont pay, even with my first being up in NWT for hte first 6 months i never paid for pic. That is weird how you have to pay....sorry....but congrats on the pregnancy :)


bbnumb2 - May 25

Hey I am from Vancouver BC and I have never had to pay for u/s pictures. So good luck!!


ChannY - May 25

Hey Im from Regina/ SK, i didnt have to pay for the u/s pictures. its free here


cangirl - May 25

actually i am not sure if you have to pay here or not that why i was asking


srigles - May 25

Hi cangirl - I'm from Ontario and never had to pay for my pics.... Congrats & good luck!


Kira_lynn - May 25

Depends where you go and how nice the u/s tech is! I live in ontario and Im going to mcmaster and i found out with last p/g (ended in m/c) that it was 10$ for one picture.


DJ - May 25

I'm from ON and I have never paid... for any of my ultrasound pic... the last one I had (a week ago) she gave me 7 pictures at no cost


cangirl - May 25

DJ where did you for your ultrasound and kira_lynn where did you go


srigles - May 25

Cangirl, if it's any help I had my u/s in Midland. (No charge).


cangirl - May 25

does any one live in t.o


BriannasMummy - May 26

I live in new brunswick.. and they wont give out u/s pictures here. Sad but true.


Tara S - May 26

I live in Alberta and at the hospital I had to pay $20 for a bunch of pictures and at an radiology clinic they gave them to me free.



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