A Shadow G Sac Is Seen About 3mm Am I Pregnant

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Nena - July 20

Anyone have similar experience please let me know as I am a bit worried right now, I am doing HPTs and I get only extremely faint positive. Please any advice appreciated. I have another u/s on 23 July


bump - July 21



Marivic - July 21

A faint positive is a positive ("a line is a line is a line"). The line should get darker though, if you're testing every day. If you've had an ultrasound, they probably did some bloodwork - what is your hCG level? Progesterone? Sounds like you're pregnant, it's just a question of how far along. What exactly are you worried about? Have you talked to your Dr.?


Nena - July 22

Hey Marivic, I am worried because the shadow is there in my uterus which is a suspected pregnancy, although not for sure, but that shadow shouldn't apper if there is nothing going on. I repeat HPTs and sometimes I get negatives sometimes extremely faint line. I have another ultrasound appointment to see it that so called "shadow" will develop as doct. said. When she mentioned development I thought of gestational sac because she said is 3mm, when searching on the internet 3mm is when you are 5.5 weeks pregnant which is typical in my case. But I wanted to hear more from experienced women similar to my case. Thank you for your comment :o)


Nena - July 25

I had another ultrasound and the only thing that could see is a dishaveled shadow at 5mm in my uterus, what can it be if not pregnant


Marivic - July 25

Have you asked your Dr. about the possibility of a blighted ovum? In which case the sac could continue to grow, but with nothing in it. Or, fibroids? It really depends on your bloodwork, if your hCG is rising but they don't see a fetal pole/heartbeat in the next week or two, they might suspect an ectopic pregnancy concurrent with the intrauterine pregnancy (can't remember the medical term for that). Or, it could be that things are just taking a little longer to get going, I'd definitely just keep throwing some questions at your Dr. Good luck!


Nena - July 26

Marivic thank for your answers. Honestly I am a worried but also the Dr. looked very unsure for what she said because she was feeling very sleepy (it was weekend at 10.00). But also she didn't say anything to worry about like fibroids or other things, she just mentioned that the shadow that looks as a gestational sac is there and from 3mm it was 5 mm. While reading in the net the gestational sac should grouw everyday for 1 mm, in my case it should have been 8mm instead of 5mm which is not a very big difference I guess. Maybe my baby is just growing slowly I hope. I am repeating again - IF


Nena - July 26

IF EVERYTHING IS OK, NO DANGEROUS SUSPECTION, WHY THE THE SO CALLED SHADOW IS STILL THERE AND WHY IS GROWING??? I am very sad because I have been waiting this for 5 years!!! I will see another doctor, the best for ultrasound in this countri and I hopw everything will be ok. :(



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