A Sour Craving

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Rhonda - July 15

I am in my 7th week"i think"anyhow i have started craving lemon juice,i never craved lemon juice with any of my pregnancies,but here lately i cant get my taste buds off lemon juice,help!!!!!!!


shannon5980 - July 15

maybe your having a boy...they say if you crave sour things it means boy


Seredetia - July 15

That's okay, Rhonda...I HATE fish, but today I had the STRONGEST craving for it, and yesterday I ate clam chowder. My mother would have fainted if she saw me. lol.


Rhonda - July 15

Well when i was pregnant with my son i craved pickles all the time then with the next two i craved m&m's all the time and they were both girls and now im craving lemon juice so i dont know,but another boy would be nice.


sweetestchic - July 16

one of my friends craved m&ms and had a boy .. the second time she craved hot and sour soup from the chinese restaurant and had a girl ... now she is pregnant with me and isnt craving anything yet :D


Rhonda - July 16

Shes pregnant with you?Really!!!! Wow."LOL" im sorry i could not resist! you said she was pregnant with you,i know what you mean i was just being funny.


iemc19 - July 17

Hi, I craved lemons like no mans businesss in my second pregnancy - had a girl, so I don't know about your theory of sour things and boys. With my 1st boy I became a chocoholic, and with my last boy I went nuts for diet coke. All good and well but I then found it SO hard to break the habit after each birth!!


redhead125 - July 17

I feel you, girl! I can't get enough of acid flavors either--lemon, fruit in general and tomato sauce!


Tiffany814 - July 17

I really think everyone is different as far as what they crave, and what they end up having...but I did hear that craving sour things means girl?? I don't know how these little things come about but for every single old wives tale, you'll find someone it doesn't apply to. When my mom was pregnant with me, she craved sweets and candy, when she was pregnant with my brother it was oranges. I am 4 1/2 months pregnant and I had a phase in the beginning craving tomato soup, then sour patch kids, I still can't get enough fruit, salad dressings, and now just candy in general, so who knows. We're not finding out what we're having , but its fun to hear everyones stories and for us to guess what we're having.


lucababy04 - July 27

i crave sour cream and im not even sure im prego lol


Rhonda - July 28

Well right after i gave into my sour craving and drank lemon juice,the craving for it stopped.Now i am craving hot&spicy chips"which i eat on a daily basis"And suffer through the heartburn after each time.I crave those chips Krunchers Jalapeno hot&spicy.I have to eat them everyday.


mommasgirl - July 28

I craved sour things all the time with my first pg. and it was a girl. Good Luck!!!


jenbabe - July 28

Lol.. rhonda you sound just like me... im 6 weeks pregnant and i was at work the other day (restaurant) and i saw limes sitting out and i prolly ate five of them? never had one in my life? and im constantly eating chips and salsa.. lol.. weird...


mamawillow - July 28

Me too, sour all the way. If offered chocolate I wouldn't decline... but that's only because I am a woman. But right now? VINEGAR!!!! Salt, sour!!! That's what I want.


baby1forme - July 29

I will have to show my husband your question!! I have been eating lemons like they are oranges, but with salt on them! My family thinks I have lost it and all the citric acid gives me heartburn, but I can't stop!


Rhonda - July 29

Last night i pulled a lemon out of the fridge to see if it was still good and it was so i ate it,not b/c my craving for lemon come back but just b/c it needed eaten b/f it went bad.Man are those things SOUR!!! Why on earth would i crave hot&spicy chips,knowing i suffer from heartburn everytime i eat em?I have to have them on a daily basis.One kind and one kind only,Krunchers jalepeno extra hot&spicy chips.EmmmEmmmm so good,but man oh man do i ever suffer afterwards.


lucababy04 - July 29

anyone craving candy like shock tarts or taffy?... also i know this has nothing to sos with this ? but is anyone feeling like dull pain in their lower tummy... but back to the ? i ate sour wow i didnt end up wanting it at all



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