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emmar - February 13

Hello fellow mums to be! Well I wanted some advice really. I'm nine weeks and i this should be the best time of my life but i feel just awful. I've read so many sad miscarriage stories that i've almost convinced myself that this pregnancy isn't going to work out. The worst thing is, as i'm in the uk we have to wait 12 weeks before our first scan! 12 weeks! It's been h__l as all i keep thinking is that my baby could have been dead inside me for weeks without knowing. Then all this excitment, all the symptoms would just be a lie. I know if something was wrong i would have got cramping/bleeding etc but is that the same with a blighted ovum? I think i'm also worried becuase i'vce had no sickness at all and don't really feel that different. Anyone relate? Sometimes i really hate the NHS-all u american mummy's are very lucky! Emma x


Betul - February 13

Emma, maybe you have been reading too much on these threads. Nothing is wrong, it sounds like you have a normal, healthy pregnancy. Enjoy it. I know the first trimester is the most worisome but you have no signs or reasons to be concerned. As for morning sickness, not everyone gets. I am pregnant with my 6th child and I never had morning sickness and always felt pretty good and normal during my pregnancies. Stop scaring yourself and don't read anymore about miscarriages, etc.. ok? There's is alot of postive things to concentrate on now!


SuzieQ - February 13

Emma, try not to worry! But, I understand. I've had two m/c's and am now pregnant again with a scary ultrasound this afternoon. However, in your case, if you had a blighted ovum, you probably would've miscarried by now. Blighted ovums usually end in a natural miscarriage by 7 or 8 weeks, if not earlier. Often there is brown spotting leading up to it for several days. The odds are WITH you for a healthy pregnancy! Take care


Beija Rene - February 13

Emma, having too much access to the medical technology early in pregancy is a double edge sword. I learned it the hard way. I believe that in the USA the ultrasound are perform way too early. Every woman and baby have different rates of growth during pregnancy. However, sometimes doctors and ultrasound techs do not keep this in mind. This then causes a lot of confussion. Unfortunately, it also causes sad and unnecessary endings. If you continue to read all these stories, you will notice many cases in which doctors advised their patients to get D&C because of ultrasound results. Some woment not even experiencing MC symptoms follow their doctors advice and go straight to the butcher without giving the baby, themselves and life a chance. After hearing disheartening news, some women, like myself, choose to not do a D&C and go through the MC the natural way. Later to find out that their pregnancy is completely normal and their baby is doing fine. I am starting to believe that our American doctors are jumping the fun too may times and sending uncessarily too many women's viable fetus and baby to the butcher. Wait till you are 12 weeks to get your fair share of poking and probing. If by then you baby does not make it, it was meant to be and nature to care of it the natural way. It by then, everything is fine, you will get the great and fantastic news no matter what you do. Be patient and good luck.


kimc - February 14

Try being in Canada where the first scan is at 18-22 weeks! I had some spotting so I had one at 10 weeks, but I was scheduled for my first at 18 weeks! I also didn't have any morning sickness or other symptoms... just be happy that you are one of the lucky ones!


emmar - February 15

Thanks for all your advice. I've just called the hospital and my first scan is the 6th Feb so just over two weeks' to go! x


carol23 - February 15

Um........ just so you know, I am American and I'm not getting my first scan until i'm 12 weeks as well. It depends on the doctor. Not every American doctor is the same. Just like not every English doctor is the same i'm sure.


emmar - February 15

Hi Carol, In the UK we have the NHS so unless there are any problems you have two scans-one at 12 weeks and one at 20 weeks. You have to go to the hospital for them as our gp's don't have that sort of equipment. I guess it does depend on your doctor, you guys have medical insurance so i think things are done differently? Hope you haven't got long to wait! Emma


Karen_Fletcher - February 15

hi, i just posted on your other thread, i am also in the uk and we are the lucky ones, my scan is 14 wks but many wait til 20 weeks!!!!! tht is crazy!! lol


emmar - February 15

hi karen, i know, my god i would go crazy if i had to wait until 20 weeks! Have you had your scan yet? Where in the UK are you?


Karen_Fletcher - February 16

HI emmar, My scan is on the 7th March, I will be 13w6d. I'm so glad that I dont have to wait to 20 weeks, I would freak out that something might be wrong!!! I'm in Lincoln, where are you?


emmar - February 16

Karen, My scan is the day before yours on the 6th March! Is this your first? I'm in good 'ole Ess_x.


Karen_Fletcher - February 16

HI, yeh this my first, i did m/c last March, and have only been off contraception again since September, but i still worry that something will go wrong even though im sure i would know. I dont know whether to be concerned that i only get slight tugging sensations.... im just a freaky neurotic person i guess!! lol. so how far along on are you? i will be 11 weeks on saturday! ps, i still take the odd pg test to make sure it says pg, told ya i was CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!


emmar - February 17

I'm ten weeks on saturday so i'm exactly a week behind you! I guess your due date is 9th Sept? God, i know what you mean about being neurotic, i'm driving everyone mad. I actually called up a private hospital yesterday because two weeks until my NHS scan seemed too long to wait! The price was £200 to do it privately and my boyfriend said i should really wait *S* did u read about my early posts about pregnancy tests? I'm not joking i must have taken 20 tests-see i'm the crazy one! I took one last week, just to make sure and then got panicky because i didn't think the line was as dark as it should be.....aargh! I guess if something was majorly wrong we would know about it, right? The only thing that botheres me is blighted ovum, missed miscarriage etc i never thought being pregnant would be so scary!


Karen_Fletcher - February 21

hi, im sorry iv not been on this thread, i didnt realise u'd replied!! lol. testing is a very expensive hobby!!!! i cant believe its £200 for private!! what a rip off!!!!!!



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