Abdominal Cramps-a41

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katherine sdp - May 27

I'm 8weeks pregnat and I still have the cramps, is it normal?


Natalie - May 19

I am 7 weeks and am still having cramps too. Sometimes if I get up too fast or turn a certain way i get a sharp pain. I am pretty freaked out but i am reading that it is normal unless it is constant and with bleeding. My doctor told me to take a tylenol. It has actually started to get less often. I hope everything is OK...it is so worrisome in the first pregnancy!


Tara - May 22

im gettin the same things im 5 weeks and im scared is it really normal


Amanda - May 22

I am 11 weeks now and have also been experiencing sharp pains on the sides of my abdomon. Everything is fine and the doctor says this is normal growth of the uterus.


Laura - May 23

I am 5 weeks pregnant and experiencing cramps frequently (but no bleeding). It's so rea__suring to read here of all the other women who are having the same thing! BTW, this is my second pregancy and I didn't have any cramping with my first.


Shelly - May 26

Have any of you tried a Nettle infusion or tea? You might want to get the book Wise Woman Herbal Childbearing Year. Susan Weed, widely known in women's circles for many years, has herbal remedies for many pregnancy issues. All the ones I have tried have worked well. I know other people who have had the same experience with Susan Weed's wonderful book. It's a must have reference book for every pregnant woman who wants to be a part of her own health care.


joesmom - May 27

I have experienced sharp twinges near my ovaries,especially when getting up to fast or turnig over in bed.Have had mild cramping also.It has finally let up but I still get the sharp twinges.The doc says it is just everything stretching.Scary to picture yes, but pretty amazing!


Tannnistha - May 27

I am 8 weeks pregnant too and have been getting the same problem. My Doc tells me same as most others have. If its intermittent and not accompanied by bleeding - its fine.


spamom - November 29

I have had 3 healthy pregnancies/births and had cramping with all 3. We are now trying to get pg with our 4th child. Don't worry! This is normal and common.


Jennifer - December 13

I am experiencing this as well.. I am 4 days late on my period and for some reason I just knew I was pregnant the day of conception.. Intuition I guess... I haven't tested yet, I am waiting 1 more week. But my period is never late and I've been nautious every day all day for the past 5 days.


stacey - March 11

I am having cramps but i havent started my period yet? May i be pregnant


serena - March 12

I am 7 weeks pregnant and this is my second ... although i had cramps with my first it still scares me sometimes..what worries me is the cramps seem to be on one side more than the other. The only thing to comfort me is the fact that i went threw the same things with my first.


mandi - June 24

I took a test last wed and it came up positve, then on monday I started getting cramps like I was going to start they have let up now.They would circle all the way around my belly and my lower back, I took another testlast night to make sure and it came up negative I would only be about 6 weeks but the cramps have eased up but whats the deal should I still test in the morning or should I just go with the negative test


Michelle - June 26

Mandi, I would take another test. I think there can be false negatives, but not false positives. Even if you are pregnant, some cramping is normal from what I've heard. Good luck to you!


Brook - June 29

Serena: I am trying for my second too. I am experiencing the same symptoms as my first, more tendernous and aching on my right side. I kept saying to my husband on our first pregnancy, i hope that it's not ectopic because I had the aching on the right side. My MD did the test and prgncy hormone kept going up as well as no menstral cycle and eventually a baby! I do relate to how you feel.


Nikki - July 10

I am 1 day overdue for AF and I'm usually right on time every 30 days. a I think I am pregnant took a test and it was negative should I have waited longer having mild cramps sore and tender b___sts frequent urination and slight nausea could I still be pregnant?


sabrina - July 10

I went to the Dr. she said I was 6 weeks along. When I told her about the cramping she gave me an ultrasound imidiatley because of possible ectopic preg.,they saw nothing and gave me a transv____al ultrasound the baby was in the uterus where it belongs as far as the doc and I can tell everythings ok. AND I still have the cramping



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