Abnormal Cervical Cells

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Heidi - April 12

I had a colposcopy done today and they said I had abnormal cells but they haven't turned cancerous yet and want me to retest in three months and if things get worse I'll have to go to Mayo to have them removed. Anyone else have this happen? They said my pregnancy is going along just fine and the baby is healthy but now I worry about this problem. I just wish I could enjoy the pregnancy without any worries!!!!


lilmum - April 12

I have had a colposcopy (and laser surgery) when i was 17 and 18. I am now 21 with no reoccurances (so don't worry). Have you had your test results back yet? do they know what stage the mutations are at? It is completely possible to have a normal pregnancy and delivery with these cells still present. There is actually the possibility that they may be reduce or dissappear after your baby is born (providing it is still at stage 1 or 2 and doesn't go deep into the cervix). If at all possible, have your doctor wait until the baby is born and retest the cells to see where they are at. My best friend had stage one and two cells at her first pap after conception and left them until her daughter was born, when she had them retested, they had almost dissappeared. Stage 1 cells can be caused be something as simple as a yeast infection an may clear up on it's own. Please don't worry, i know how scarey this is. I am so sorry you have to go through this during pregnancy and i can only image how this has amplified your fears, but as long as it is not cancerous, it's not too bad yet. It can take the cells months or years to make it to cancerous and even then is very easily treatable with a very high success rate. I wish you the best of luck and keep us updated.


Heidi - April 12

Oh thank you for the information! You really put my mind at ease. Well they didn't do any biopsies because I am pregnant. They said I'd have to go to Mayo for them but they didn't feel the need to do this just yet as they weren't cancerous looking. She viewed them and said they did not look cancerous yet and that they will compare in three months and see what they are doing. I only found out I had this when I became pg. Otherwise I always had normal paps and she said this is very common for pregnancy to trigger this and a lot of times after pregnancy, it goes back to normal. My friend had it done too and said the same thing happened to her but back then they didn't have all these tests like they do now so they only retested her AFTER the baby was born. Now they'll actually remove the cells while you're pg at special clinics etc. I'm so relieved! I'm not going to worry about it anymore either. Nothing I can do about it but make it worse. Thanks so much! I'm soooo relieved!


Pamela - April 12

Heidi. Hang in there. I also had the colposcopy when I was 28, more scarey than anything. Unlike Lilmum I have had a couple of reoccurances but fortunately they have disappeared on their own, which they can do. They want to test you in three months just to make sure everything is ok. If you were not pregnant they would have probably told you six months. I apologize if this is promoting but when I found out about my problem I purchased a book called Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom. It was written by a female MD. It helped alot. I realize some may choose not to believe her views but I read and applied what I could to me. It made a world of difference in my stress level and anytime I get an abnormal test back I reread the book and the next test is normal. Please know that this is very common and as long as you monitor it then you shouldn't have anything to worry about. I realize that is hard when your baby is growing inside of you but try.


Kim - April 13

My doctor discovered atypical cells with my first pregnancy (moderate, I believe). After my son was born, I had laser surgery with no reoccurances.. this was in '98. Don't worry! It's not that uncommon at all! :)



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