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Athenajack - June 25

I'm 8 weeks so far with my third child. The Dr.'s office called and said I had to come in on my 14 week appt. for a colposcopy? Then they said something about a biopsy. I thought biopsies were for cancer. I've seen ads on tv about cervical cancer being caused by an std. I have never been promiscuous , my husband on the other hand was .....Neither one of us has ever had an std. Anyway neither one of us have cheated on each other. I'm completely confident about that and we've been together 7 and half years. I've had a pap done with each of me pregnancies that were both normal .Whats going on, what is a colposcopy. What would make me have an abnormal pap. What exactly could abnormal mean. What does this mean for my growing baby?


clindholm - June 25

I had an abnormal pap which showed "pre-cancerous cells" meaning it was not yet cancer but could potentially become cancer. Two other points, this abnormal pap is not always caused by HPV as I was never promiscuous either and chances are, if you've had s_x, and you both weren't virgins you probably have been exposed to HPV by now. I am not familiar with the procedure your doctor is talking about, I had a laser surgery where they remove the outer layer of the cervix, which removes the bad cells. It was no big deal. I am almost sure there are a few types of abnormal paps, so mine may not be the same as yours. Good luck.


Tomygirl77 - June 26

A colposcopy is when they take a solution and place it in you cervix to look at the abnormal cells or areas. The sometimes will take a biopsy if they see an area that reacts to the solution. It doesn't hurt but it is uncomfortable during the exam and can get some cramping and swelling after. I usually take some ibuprofen or tylenol before I go in for this. I have been going in for 2 years now for colposcopies. But I wasn't pregnant when I had them done with the biosys. I am now 12 weeks pregnant and did have an abnormal pap recently and had to go in for a colopscopy. All the doctor did was look at the area and he did comment that he did see some areas that needed to be biopsyed again but would not do it because this would cause cervical bleeding. Tell them that they can look but you do not want any biospys done. Like I said before, this can cause cramping and bleading of the cervix and I didn't want to take any chances with my baby. My doctor explained to me that after the baby is born, my body might clean itself out and this problem might go away. I won't know until after my 6 week checkup after the baby is born. I am not sure what type of abnormal pap that you had but mine was low grade. I hope this helps and if you have anymore questions, I can hopefully help you with them. Good luck!


tarap - June 26

i dont want to scare you but it can be anything.. i got a colposcopy done and it was really painfull.. they like pull on ur cervix and take a biopsy of it and u get really bad cramps from it... but ive gotten alot of abnormal paps which means abnormal white blood cells... there were times that the Dr. said i had hpv and then it showed up that i didnt.. and there are different strains of hpv.. the warts kind.. which i didnt have.. and the kind where u have no symptoms and it leaves ur body in a few months.. u can only detect it from a pap... Basically alot of people have hpv and dont know they have it.. especially guys... its the most common std... i dont mean to scare you but it can be nothing.. alot of women get abnormal paps for no reason and the next pap u take u can be completely fine... so dont worry.. look up what abnormal white blood cells can mean in a pap.. do some research on it...


browneyes888 - June 28

o.k.. as the girls had said, a colposcopy is when they do a little "exam", but a solution on your cervix that turns the "abnormal cells" a whitish color.. most times, they will take a biopsy to see how deep it is into your cervix, telling them the stage that it has reached.. It is safe to have done while you are pregnant. Most times this is caused by a certain hpv virus, there are hundreds. some cause warts, some cause cervical cancer in woman. Chances are you caught it from a previous boyfriend or your husband.. there is no way of testing for hpv. Men are not affected by the strand that causes cancer in woman so they have to clue that they are a carrier of it.. it takes sleeping w/ one person to contract an std, you don't have to be permisuous. You could be a carrier for years and not know it. My best friend contracted genital warts from the first guy she ever slept with... it happens. don't worry about it though..they will check to see what stage you are at. I had the leep procedure done, which basically.. I was at a stage 3, its called cervial dysplasia....one more stage and it would have been cancer.. so they took an electrical loop to remove the bad cells.. I went back every 6 months for 2 years and that was 5 years ago and I have not had it return since then. good luck toyou.


elleelle - July 12

have you heard back on this? i'm in the same boat. I go in for my colposcopy this week.


Athenajack - July 12

I still have to wait till my 14 week appt., but i asked because i am scheduled in for a prenantal visit the same week, they can't do it all in the same day. They also said if they had to do any kind of "procedures" to take care of anything then, it would be after my post partum check up. I will post back after the colposcopy and after the results......


POOF - July 17

you all just reminded me i need to reschedule mine. let me know how yours go. like i said, they have never hurt me. good luck ladies!


newbaby2009 - July 17

Just never have a cone biopsy done I dont think they do them while pregnant b/c they can cause a miscarriage. Even if you're not pregnant it can weaken the cervix to the point you cant carry a baby full term.


POOF - July 21

a cone biopsy is completely different than a colposcopy. a colposcopy is where they look through a microscope at stained areas of the cervix and take biopsies if necessary (or if youre my dr, just to be safe). it is completely different than a cone biopsy. if you are having a cone biopsy it is for a much greater lesion than ascus or lgsil and if you have had a cone biopsy in the past then they generally perform a cerclage to keep the cervix closed during pregnancy.



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