Abnormal Pap Smear While Pregnant

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ang072906 - November 8

I just got a call from my doctor that said I had abnormal pap results. Has anyone experienced this while pregnant? I am freaking out. I am 7 weeks pregnant. HELP!!


veroki - November 8

i havent had one while pregnant but i had an abnormal pap 2 years ago and they had to do a colposcopy(they sc___pe the abnormal tissue off of your cervix) my guess is if your pregnant they will wait till after you give birth to address this issue. sorry i hope this helps a little.


tyler0323 - November 8

i just did, at 14 weeks or so. She found abnormalities which she is going to keep an eye on for 2 years after baby is born. the abnormalities or ones in which could turn cancerous or not. they were found early enough that i have a 90% sucess rate of them clearing. This is common for alot of woman so wait till you talk with your doctor and find out exactly what the abnormalities are. If it is the same as what i have, then your pregnancy is fine, they wont address the issue untill after baby comes.


Brendansmom - November 8

I had the same thing. I was told I had abnormal cells and had to have a colposcopy. I was freaking out!!!! They did the procedure when I was 12 weeks at my checkup. I kept thinking that the procedure was going to start some chain reaction of bad things. My dh came with to all of my appointments but at this one they looked at him funny when they called my name. They weren't going to let him in. They let him stay and he held my hand the whole time. Turns out, whatever it was cleared on it's own. And everything was ok when I had my pap after delivery. I guess it's more common than we think and it usually clears on it's own, but I would suggest having the colposcopy just to know for sure. If I remember correctly you can have it done during the first 12 weeks. After that you will need to wait until you have the baby. I'm sure it's all good! Good luck and don't stress yourself out!


Tammy276 - November 8

they will probably do a colposcopy, which is a visual examination of the v____a/cervix using a special scope. They will probably put a dye in you to dye the abnormal cells so they can get a better view of where it is and how bad it is. If they do any kind of sc___ping or clipping, they are actually taking the cells to do a biopsy to see how advanced it is, which not all doctors do. When I had mine done (i was not pregnant), but they did a biopsy and mine was pretty advanced already, stage 3 of stage 4. But a lot of woman get abnormal results during pregnancy, it just has to do with your hormones and changing cells..so really, it could be nothing. Just like they tell you not to have a pap done around the time you expect your period because it can cause abnormal results. But anyway. Don't stress about it. They won't do anything about it (removal) while you are pregnant. They will probably just keep an eye on it and see what can be done after you have the baby.


CrP - November 8

hey ang i'm 9 weeks preg. and i also had an abnormal pap but it was just before i got preg. i was actually schedualed to have a leep proceedure done but now i have to wait for the baby. the doc. said everythign would be fine during the pregnancy and nothign should worsen. he also said the the abnormalities could possibly be cleared up during birth ( if i do it v____ally) so i dont think you should worry. :D its all going to be ok!!! hehe


Erin1979 - November 8

I was told that I had a lump on my cervix when I was about 12 weeks along. The doctor said they would monitor it, and if it was bigger or changed in any way by my 6 week appt (after birth) they would remove it. After birth she checked, it was gone. I think your hormones, and all of the changes play a factor.


veroki - November 10

abnormal paps are NOT due to hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, its cause by human papiloma virus and if you have the non-cancerous cells than it can clear up on its own, if the cells are cancerous it is likley you will need a colposcopy, leep, or biopsy done.


Tammy276 - November 10

actually veroki, abnormal cells can be caused by changing hormones... during pregnancy and around the time you get your period... not all abnormal cells are caused by HPV. Why do I know this? Because I had HPV and my doctor talked to me about it... This is why they do not want woman coming in for a pap around the time of their periods (right before, during or right after), because it can cause your cells to change and cause you to worry over nothing. In most cases though, yes, abnormal cells are caused by HPV and if not treated may lead to cancer.


Angee2 - November 10

I had an abnormal pap after i delivered my daughter several years ago. It was HPV. --had colposcopy and cryo-therapy for removal. I havent had an abnormal pap since.


veroki - November 11

sorry tammy i had it too and i have never heard of that, nor have i seen it in any research ive done on the subject either. but i could understand why they dont want you to have it done around your period time, but im guessing if this girl is pregnant, she shouldnt really be having a period at this time. all in all its not too big off a deall as long as they caught it early and its very treatable so she has nothing to worry about.


Tammy276 - November 11

veroki, I'm not trying to be rude, so please don't take this the wrong way, but just becuase you've never heard of it or couldn't find any info on it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. My doctor will not to paps around that time of the month because it can cause changes in your cells. Also, your cells go through a change during pregnancy also. I"m not saying that is the case here, but it could be. She shouldn't freak her self out for no reason if it could be nothing.


veroki - November 13

Tammy i dont want to be rude either, but just because one persons doctor told them that doesnt mean its so either. we'll have to agree to disagree. no arguement on just because ive never heard of it doesnt mean it doesnt exsist. just like most people here probably dont know that human papiloma virus is an STD too. theres one most Doctors tend to ignore. im just lucky my doctor doesnt play around with "what if's" and gives it to me straight up. there are over 100 types of HPV , some that are cancerous others that are not. the virus lives in your skin and even if your paps clear up you still have the virus in your skin its just not active. whenever you get a "pap" they are testing for human "pap"illoma virus. like i said agree to disagree, we're not doctors so all we can offer is our personal experiences and thats different for every person.


aliciavr6 - November 13

I just got a call and they said I tested low risk, so I also had an abnormal pap. I had fine test results just a year ago, I'm pretty confident that my bf transmitted hpv. I have a colposcopy scheduled next week. I'm not too worried, I know how common it is. A little frustrated cuz I asked my bf to get tested long ago and he never did.


Tammy276 - November 13

Veroki, I know all about HPV and am very educated on it. After being diagnosed I did my reading and had long talks with my doctor. So I guess we will just have to agree to disagree...and its not just one doctor I've heard that from, its been several. Alicia, that is the thing about HPV is that you cannot be tested for it. There are strands of HPV that cause warts and there are strands of HPV that cause cancer in woman. Unfortunately, the strands that cause cancer in woman, do no effect men at all, so they do not know that they are carriers of it and the only way for a woman to know that she is a carrier, is to get the abnormal result on a pap indicating that there could be a problem. so it is not your boyfriends fault because there is no way for him to know that he is a carrier. The good thing is that it is something that can clear on its own in the future. HPV is an STD, but they are starting to not stereotype it as one anymore because there are so many forms of HPV out there, so many people have it that almost everyone at somepoint in there life is going to come into contact with some form of HPV.


aliciavr6 - November 13

Oh I see, so it can only be detected in women once abnormal cells occur and not in men at all. I don't have any symptoms, the bf doesn't either, at least he hasn't in the time I've known him.


Tammy276 - November 13

Yep. HPV is an STD that cannot be tested for, and the strand that causes cancer in woman has no affects on men, therefore there is no way for them to know that they are carriers of it. Just like a woman can be a carrier of this form, but never actually get cancer therefore in that case, she wouldn't know she is a carrier either.



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