Abnormal Pap Smear While Pregnant

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Tammy276 - November 13

Yep. HPV is an STD that cannot be tested for, and the strand that causes cancer in woman has no affects on men, therefore there is no way for them to know that they are carriers of it. Just like a woman can be a carrier of this form, but never actually get cancer therefore in that case, she wouldn't know she is a carrier either.


veroki - November 14

tammy did u mean Men can not be tested for it? cause women are tested with the "PAP". its strictly tests for human "PAP"iloma virus. i wasnt saying that you didnt know it was and STD i was just making a point that most doctors dont tell people that, so if one is not inquisitive you could be none the wiser. my point was that sometimes not all doctors can be trusted to let you in on everything.


Tammy276 - November 14

Actually, I look at it as woman cannot be "tested" for it either....you may carry the virus, but won't for sure know it through a PAP, and yes, I know what a PAP is.... My point is, yeah, o.k. woman can be tested, but guess what? You don't know you have it until it is too late. (abnormal pap) They can't just test you for it and say, yes, you are a carrier, you may or may not get cervical cancer.....the only way to know you have it is to get the abnormal results back on the pap, which I think I already said in an earlier post. so yeah, there is no way for "men" to get tested for it. so they are carriers of it but will never know it


barbiec2008 - April 3

hey well im new to this i just joined cause im kinda worried i got a pap smears maybe 3-4wks ago to get on birth contorl im 8wks pregnant and my doctor just sent me my test result saying i have an abornmal pap smear we both didnt know i was pregnant would that have something to do with the pap smear and them finding out im pregnant? (im sorry if i sound dumb im just worried and stressing)


Maryhyatt15 - June 2

This is a great read. 

Veroki,  things that you are agreeing to disagree on , calls for a read here ! 

Cancer( dot )gov /types /understanding cervical changes 



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