Abortion I Don T Know What To Do

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Sis - May 6

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was very upset. I didn't want anymore kids. I have 3 already from my previous marriage. I have a new boyfriend of 5 months. He's very happy about this baby. But as of last week, we broke up. I had to kick him out. He wants to work things out of course. I don't know if I want to. And since he screwed up so bad, now I'm thinking, why have this baby? I've had 3 C-sections so its already a risk involved with having a 4th. I don't want to be cut open again and go through this pain and not have him around for emotional support. But its not fair to the baby either to get rid of it. I don't know what to do. Anyone experiencing the same feelings? By the way, I am 7 weeks pregnant so I have to make up my mind real soon. I just don't want God to punish me for getting rid of his blessing.


Concerned - May 6

Do you think you'd cope with the aftermath of aborting your baby? Do you not have any famly around you to help or support you? Have you considered adoption? ( I imagine that would be very hard though) I can't imagine how you feel but please don't be too hasty to terminate your baby if there is any other way....


Lynn - May 6

I agree. its sounds to me like maybe you don't really want to abort it. I can't really give advice because I've never been in that situation but I think I would look for every possibiity to keep it.


Kimber - May 6

Sis, I'm sorry about your situation, it must be very difficult for you. If I may add my 2 cents....everything happens for a reason. We may not always understand it at the time, but there's a reason for everything that happens in our lives. This baby is alive and growing inside of you for a reason. Have faith that things will work out and they will. One day you will look back and wonder how you ever thought of teminating it. These are only my personal thoughts. No one should judge you for your own decision. You're in my prayers.


Been there done that - May 6

If you really do not want another child - think adoption. Go to your doctor find out the risks of having another baby C section and then make your decision. I've been pregnant twice before and did not want to be so, I aborted both of them. I was a lot younger then and didn't even think twice about it. I regret that now, especially knowing that so many families are out there that cannot have children. I also am afraid that God will (if not already) punish me for that. Good luck to you, just check with your doctor first then make your decision. If you choose to keep it, it will be hard without him since he's the father but you can do it. Have faith and God bless.


Jenna - May 6

To "Been there done that" God forgives every sin that we repent of He is a loving and forgiving God that is why Jesus died on the cross to take the rap for our wrong doings so we can be forgiven. If you regret what you did and ask God for forgiveness He will forgive thatis what the bible says. Leave the past behind and look to the future.


Sis - May 6

Thanks for your responses. And yes, it will be kinda hard without him but he claims he would always financial help me. But his words don't mean anything to me right now. I need to SEE it for myself. And I went to my doctor already and she said everything was fine. I heard the heartbeat also. I keep praying to God for answers but I am a__suming since I'm not noticing any clear answers that HE wants me to keep it and I would hate to anger Him. I guess its just the emotional stress of what I am going through that is killing me. Adoption is out of the question, my family would have a fit if I did that. Plus I can't see somebody else raising my child.


Been there done that - May 6

Thanks Jenna for re-a__suring me. I've always been worried that I'd never be blessed again to have the chance to have a baby because of what I did in my past but after 4 years and many, many days of constant repenting God has blessed me! I am going to have my first baby this year. I thank him everyday. But anyway - thank you for replying to me. I really enjoyed that. Thank you.


Sis - May 6

Your right Jenna, God does forgive. You've given me something to ponder on. Thank you!


Been there done that - May 6

Hey Sis - I'm glad to hear everything's ok!! I know what you mean about the emotional stress but you can definitely get through it. Hopefully things will get better for the both of you and you can stay on mutual terms for the baby's sake.


To Sis - May 6

Number 1: Do not base any decision on whether or not you can rely on a man. You don't need a partner to have a wonderful life and a beautiful child, especially if it's not a real solid relationship to start with. I do not agree with abortion, like the others said, it is meant to be, and everything happens for a reason. If you really don't want another child, please consider adoption first. Also, it is very possible to give birth normally after having a c-section. My first was c-section and 2nd was v____al. Anyway... I believe we're all on our own journey to experience things in life, this baby is part of yours. Also, whatever you do, God is not mean and vengeful, and out to punish everyone.. at least my God isn't. Life is all about experiencing it.. the good, bad, success, and failure.. just have faith and take some time alone with your thoughts before you make a quick decision. Good luck to you.


lilmum - May 6

i don't know how much of an option this is to you, but you did say the father was very excited, so what would he think about raising the child?? It would be a much better alternative to adoption, because you still get to see the child and it is still with one of it's biological parents. It takes two people to make a baby, so why is the mother the one that is always raising the child alone in these situations? Most likely, he won't go for that (how many men would), but if he's open minded it could be a possibility? I wish you the best of luck and i hope you find something that works for you.


Sis - May 6

Yes, I do understand that God does things for reasons that we may not be able to understand. And don't get me wrong, I would never get an abortion just because the father is a screw up. If thats the case, I wouldn't have had my first 3 kids with their sorry behind father. I basically raised my 1st three kids by myself with the help of my mom and grandma. I did end up marrying their father but we broke up after a year and 1/2. But even when I first found out I was pregnant this time, I told my boyfriend I wasn't happy about it. He said he would stand by me no matter what I decided to do but that he would always be there. So I thought "okay, he'll be here so good, I'll have some help emotionally and financially", so my decision was a little easier to make. But now my decision is harder because I just need that emotional support. And I don't want a repeat performance of what I went thru with my previous relationship. Ugh! Its hard! But please, keep the comments coming!


sammi - May 6

before I say anything i just want to let everyone know that i am not promoting abortion this is just my experience. 4 years ago when i was 21 i had one. I was staying at a friends b/c i was financially unstable and was in between jobs, no health insurance. Basically I couldn't even take care of myself. I was on the pill and forgot to take one so i wasn't being entirely careless. anyway the type of abortion i had was the pill which i got at a clinic. you take a pill by outh and a few days later you insert a few pills inside you and within a few hours you expell the pregnancy. the first pill endes the pregnancy, and the ones you insert expel it. It seemed less invasive than the "suck out" method and i did it in the comfort of my own home. I was also between 7-8 weeks. There was a LOT of blood and pretty bad cramping and I would NOT do it again. While I know it wasn't right to bring a child into the world given the circ_mstanses, I was emotional distraught afterwards and suffered severe depression. While it sounde like a good idea at the time, I do not regret my decision, but I would never do it again. By the way if you decide to abort this way it has to be done at 8weeks or less


A - May 7

Dear Sis, Hi, I'm also pregnant and broken up with the father of this baby. I have 2 other kids from a previous relationship (ages 1 & 2). I know how you feel. Abortion has popped into my head before because it sounds like the easy way out but then I had to stop and think about my baby as an individual person. As for me I am choosing adoption not because I don't care about the child but because I love this child so much that I want him/her to have the life that I can't give him. I know it will be hard but I know all will be well with the baby in the long run. There's just no way I could ever kill my child. I am thankful that my mother didn't abort me when she was pregnant with me at 16, she could have but I am so happy she chose to let me be born. I think if the fetus could talk now the baby would say "let me be born please!!! don't take my life! " I look at the precious faces of my other two babies and I can't imagine ever aborting them. Even though I am giving this one up for adoption I know this baby will make another wonderful family very happy. This baby I have is meant for someone and I believe yours is too whether that someone is you or another family. Just leave each day in the Lord's hands. With Love and prayers, A


hello - May 8

I am not a judgemental person. This is what I have learned in my 30 years of life. I have friend who had abortions to make life easier. These young ladies wanted to erase the pain and suffering they were having. So abortion was used a band aid for other problem in their life. After the abortions each person still had pain and sadness in their life. It only made it worst. The Abortion didn't solve anything. They were left with guilt. It sounds like you don't want an abortion....Try getting and babysitter or after the kids go to sleep sit down and think about what you really want......Will abortion take away the pain? Can you life with such a life changing decision? What will be best for you?.............I have had 2 c-section before and may be pregnant again. Yes, the pain is terrible but is worth it in the end. In the end you get to care and love a precious baby. You are blessed to be given another change at pregnancy again. Some women would give up everything to be in your shoes..............If you can't afford to care for another baby. Think about adoption. You can do an open adoption. That way you know who will be raising your baby. I hope this helps. I wish your luck.


Anne - May 8

Hi everyone, if anyone has considered adoption, please take a look at our website. We are looking to adopt a child. Our website is: http://mrsgianni.tripod.com/adoption/ Anyone can email us from that site and talk with me. I hope you are all well. Anne



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