According To Dr 11 Weeks According To Websites 12 Or 13

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Steph - April 27

Ok, so I put my due date in the calendars on different websites... 11/11/05. One website e-mailed me that I am in week 11, another that I am in week 12 and YET another in week 13. My ultrasound from my Dr. last week said 10w6d...that was last Thursday. My question - if it is based on where the Dr. clicks on the picture, could they be wrong? Who is right???


lilmum - April 27

the ultrasound is usually right, but when was the first day of your last period?? If you have a longer cycle you could be as much as a week off or have a different ovulation date that 'normal'. (i ovulate very early in my cycle, so i usually show almost a week later than they calculate)


jena - April 27

the websites all calculate for a 28-day cycle unless they let you put in your cycle dates, so that may be why they vary. always go with the doctor, even though i know it's more fun to be an extra week along! :)


Steph - April 27

Go by the Doc same thing happened to me and baby zone seems to start a new week ever sunday or monday. GL


Justine - April 28

Steph - I'm due on 8 Nov 05 and am currently in week 12 so if your due date is 11/11/05 you must be 11 weeks 6 days today (thurs 28) so last Thurs you would have been 10w6d - your doctor is right. Your 12 weeks tomorrow and your new weeks will start on Friday's.


Steph - April 28

Thank you!!!!! It is so confusing! I am so ready for next week to be over and I will finally move into the 2nd trimester! YEA!!! Are you switching to the 2nd trimester board?


Justine - April 28

Hi Steph - I can't wait for the first trimester to be over either as you feel better and chances of miscarriage go right down. I've noticed different websites say different things about that too - some say 2nd tri. starts week 12, some start week 13, some start week 14. I guess it doesn't matter too much. I'm taking it as start of week 13 and will probably move over to the second trimester board next week. Hope to see you there.



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