Aching And Tired

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steph - May 26

Hi...first of all, h__lo to this site...i feel slightly guilty not going straight to the girls on the 'pregnancy signs' site..any way, I am about 4 weeks and just unbelievably tired all the time and could sleep for a day at a time but tonight I also feel this normal? i'm not so concerned with the cramps as it seems they are normal..any one like this??? x x x


nnn - May 27



erica - May 27

steph, is this your first baby?


steph - May 27

No erica, 2nd but my son is 13 this year and I had NO symptoms at all on him. This feels so new to me...weird. I'm also disturbed about the amount of dreams I'm having about Ron Jeremy!!! How about you? 1st?


erica - May 27

nope this is my 5th, I have a 16, 14, 10 and 5 year old. Believe me I never felt like this before. I'm at work right now and I'm falling asleep. My boss thinks it's funny. I just feel miserable. The good thing is that my husband helps me around the house I've been so la__sy that when I get home all I due is lay down.


steph - May 27're 5th? I have trouble keepin my eyes open in work and am constantly yawning..I feel bloated too. when did you start showing on your others? You in UK (i am)?


erica - May 27

I'm in Salinas, California, I started showing around my 5th month. I'm freak out this time around. I'm going to get hugeeeee.BIG BIG. It doesn't matter to me. I'm just happy. As long as I don't gain more than 40 pounds. I'm fine with it.


steph - May 27

maybe you'll have twins!!!! Cool. This site has been great hasn't it? I intially started on the 'Pregnancy signs' part but was lucky enough to come on to this one...I think I may get big....down to my sudden love of all food...i feel like i'm eating my own body weight every day. not god i know!


erica - May 27

me too I started on pregnancy signs. I was really fustrated at first thinking I was never going to make it past that thread. But look at me now 3 more weeks and I'm heading to the Second Trimester Site.


steph - May 28

We dont call it the first and second trimester over here...just 1month, 2 months etc..yet it's all the same. I cant wait to get my belly!!!`


jue - June 1

Hi girls,first a bit of back ground. I am 34 and this is my 3rd pg, we had been ttc for 11 months, my first 2 pg were boys now aged 13 & 16 yrs this year, I am about 5 1/2 weeks and due end of january and live in the Uk. well thats the boring stuff lol, I started off with cramps in the stomach which are still there, headaches in the evening (still there), feel queezy all the time, congested,running to the loo seams like every five mins, very tired and basically feel like something that even the cat wouldn't drag in lol, nice to know I am not the only one, but apart from the negative side effects of pg me and dh are over the moon and can't wait for the birth. most of my clothes are feeling very tight around the belly but as I am pg I now have an excuse to go shopping for clothes ( even if I have to go to the camping shop to find a tent lol), anyone got any suggestions on a good tent lol. I have my first dr app on friday so keep your fingers crossed that everything is ok :)


Tina - June 1

I'm 5 weeks and I am tried and crampy. Everything will be find. I have 3 other kids and I cramped with all. So don't worry



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