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j - February 8

What is safe to use during pregnancy my back is really breaking out!


ekay - February 8

I have no idea! But if you find out let me know. I feel pre-pubescent again. :( I had been using proactive, but the company advised against using it in pregnancy, so here I am breaking out.


teresa - February 8

my face is also breaking out too.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Missy - February 8

I am six weeks and my back is out of control and my face is catching up. I talked to my OBGYN who said Proactiv is OK - I just hate that it gets to be a little pricey. I stopped using it when I found out I was pregnant, but now that I have talked to the DR, I am ready to clear up again. Keep me posted if you find out any other helpful hints!!


Carrie Anne - February 9

I came on looking for any advice for acne too. I also was using Proactiv and my dermatologist told me there have been some adverse effects of using benzyl peroxide during pregnancy (in a study on rats). I'm six weeks and just started to break out again. Does anyone know of any other remedies? I'm trying to avoid a trip to the dermatologist.


E - February 10

I was told Proactiv was safe to use and have had the most gorgeous skin since I started using it. I am so grateful and I can not put a price on clear skin. About the adverse effects in lab rats.... MANY of the products that we use on a daily basis have been shown to be carcinogenic, or to have adverse effects on lab animals. Specifically, food colorings and the paraben family, commonly found in lotions. I guess people will do what they are comfortable with. I have not had a single zit in 9 months. I consider that to be a miracle:)


J - February 10

I was told Proactive wasn't safe?? I never had any luck using it anyway. The face wash is probably safe because it is washed off but you shouldn't leave anything on your skin.


Fellow pimple puss - February 10

I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub, medicated for sensitive acne prone skin. It uses very little amounts of salicylic acid, and keeps the oil dried up and the skin feeling soft. It may not take away all of the zits, but it helps. Try also SeaBreeze astringent, it'smild and cooling but will dry up the oil without drying out your skin. Check with your OB to see if you can use these.


citrouille - February 11

sounds like we're in the same boat! I never had acne as a teenager and now that I'm pregnant I've got tons on my back and some on my face. I have very dry skin so I can't use stuff that'll dry it out even more! What can I use?


J - February 11

I heard Clearisil products are safe also Joey New York products kind of pricey but she claims to be geared towards pregnant women I personally haven't tried them


Kris. - February 13

I am so glad to hear (although sorry that we have to say it) that I am not the only one with the back break-outs... I mean what is going on? Does anyone know if it is likely to get any better the further we go along? I am about 6 weeks. thanks!


J - February 13

I have back breakouts right now and had it with my first pregnancy for the entire 9 months. I didn't use anything but antibacterial soap because I was afraid to hurt the baby.


michelle - February 13

i have it on my face, and it stinks, i use neutrogena acne face wash, and the on the spot acne treatment, which seems to help a bit. my skin is so oily, is anyone elses'? i dry it out, but it comes right back for more. i also use a clay mask in the morning. i thought about proactive to, whats the real story on that, is it ok?? seems to be conflicting advice? i didn't break out with my other kids, so i don't know, will this probobly go away later on down the line, or is it here to stay the whole 9 months??michelle


ekay - February 13

Hey michelle, be careful not to use anything with salycilic acid in it. I heard that is not advised. With my last pregnancy I had acne early on, but it cleared up around month 4. Good luck


M - February 14

I have been using a benzol (sp?) peroxide facial bar soap suggested by my derm you can also have your doctor prescribe erithromiacin (sp?) pad that you wipe your face with after washing. They seem to work OK. They are safe. Do not use anything that contains benzol p. or salycilic acid that you leave on your face because it can get into your blood stream.


Kiley - February 14

My doctors said that proactive is absolutely fine to use during pregnancy. She said I can use anything over the counter.


Kate - February 14

It is funny how everyone is different just because something is over the counter does not mean it is safe. Salycilic acid products have not been tested so they do not know if they are safe at all. If you go to the Proactive website they say not recommended for pregnant women. I have used their products in the past and they didn't work for me. I also was using them when I suffered a m/c because I thought they were safe. I have no way of knowing if using the products had anything to do with the m/c but I wouldn't chance it. I know that you leave the treatment on your skin so I wouldn't recomment using it.



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