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sad girl - March 7

I am 10 weeks pregnant. My skin was clear for the most part prior to pregnancy and now it is out of control, both my face and upper back. Did this happen to anyone else? When did it clear up? What did you use to control it? Please help, I feel so sad about it I just want to cry all the time, i can't even look in the mirror, I just feel so ugly and bad about myself. Any suggestions would help I don't want to cry anymore.


sad too - March 7

I feel the same way. I have acne on my upper back and even on my shoulders... also, on my chin....It is just not a happy situation.... I am doing my best not to feel bad about myself though... I keep telling myself that if this is what I have to endure to make a baby, I'll do it, and it's not like we can help it! But, if anyone does have any advice, I would sure try it!!


MJ - March 7

I am with you on this I have it all over my back and am going to Florida in a few weeks. I really want to wear a bathing suit but this back acne is terribly embarra__sing. Someone told me to try a tea tree body wash. I am not sure where you can find it but I am willing to try anything!


Jami - March 7

The Body Shop ( has Tea Tree Body Wash. I have never used it, but I have used tea tree oil as scalp treatment and to treat cuts and abrasions. It stings a little, but it helps things heal more quickly.


Sarah - March 8

I had a little acne beforehand but mostly it was eczema which looked like acne. I find now im breaking out maybe every three weeks with a few huge really sore pimples. I find i know you arent meant to be poping the big ones relieves the pain and pressure. Tea tree treatments are good but generally they can make your skin overly dry so it produces more oil to compinsate. I think the best thing to do is drink lots of water and healthy food


citrouille - March 8

I've had that kind of acne from the beginning of my pregnancy (I'm almost 11 weeks now!) Don't know what to do! Mine kind of comes and goes...


Mandie - March 8

My face is doing the same..I'm 6 weeks aong. This is my 3rd pregnancy and this is the first time I've had a problem with my face and chest. I'm a stay at home momma so I'm going to try NO MAKEUP. Scary I know but, the make-up cannot be helping my skin. So girlie, if it works for me, I'll keep ya posted. Hang in there! A major pay-off is coming in just a few more months. Good Luck!


Laurie - March 8

I have been breaking out on my chin like crazy. I have found that applying toothpaste to the affected area helps to clear it up quickly, 24 to 48 hours. (it stings a little)


Lori - March 8

I'm also 10 weeks now and I had really clear skin until I became pregnant. I am also breaking out on my face, chest and back. But don't worry, there is hope. I saw my dermatologist and she recommended Neutrogena foaming face was, over the counter, and then also prescribed Finacea face cream twice a day. It has really helped but one thing that helps the most is making sure I wash my face twice a day and use a washcloth to exfoliate. I can tell they dry up quicker.


Lori - March 8

By the way..... DRINK LOTS OF WATER! I drink about a gallon or 2 a day. I force myself to drink lots of water. I can tell it's also helping my skin.


to sad girl - March 9

Don't focus on your less-than-perfect skin, I have been breaking out lately too (I'm 11 weeks pg). My mother-in-law had terrible acne with both her sons but it cleared up right after she gave birth. Honestly, it's no fun to have pimples, believe me I know. Focus on the miracle that's happening inside of you.


sharon - March 9

i have it on my face,belly and chest!


Amanda - September 23

Girl.... I feel your pain. I am only 5 weeks and am ready to peel my face off. This is going to sound silly but believe this or not any kind of v____al cream will dry it up in no time. I know it sounds disgusting but it does work. My dermatologist said "Think what all it dries up down there, surely it will take care of what's on your face." And sure enough it does.


Mom for the 3rd time - September 23

I have had ance with both of my kids, this one it has developed yet, your hormones are out of control talk to your doctor about what ance solutions to use.


Lynn - September 23

Glad to know I'm not the only one who looks 16 again. I just try to remember that every symptom usually means that my horomone levels are where they are supposed to be and symptoms are a good sign! I have to take shots in the b___t once a week to keep my horomones high enough, so bring on the pimples if it means my baby is alive and well!! Hang in there girls!


nina - September 25

The thing that works best for me is a natural clay mask from the health food store (not one from the drug store that's full of junk, only makes acne worse) It dries acne up and pulls out impurities. Works better than anything else I've ever tried. Also I agree with Lori, drink lots of water!!


Betsy - September 26

I agree that most skin care products do nothing but sit on your skin and clog your pores. This is because most contain mineral oil (there are 40 or so different names for mineral oil, so they make it hard to detect). It is used because it is the cheapest oil avaliable. Mineral oil can actually cause all sorts of skin problems including acne. I am TTC, went off the pill and my acne went out of control. Finally a friend introduced me to a company that makes botanically based skin care that did wonders for my skin and cleared it up pretty quickly. I was so impressed I am now selling it!! I was using an OTC gentle cleanser for years (dermatologist recommended it), which helped somewhat, but skin was still terrible. This skincare is fabulous and I will never go back to the basic OTC stuff again!!! I'd love to help you girls...please email me for more information. [email protected]



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