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Jonathan - February 14

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help. My wife had a va___al ultrasound on 12-02-05, we thought she was 6wks 4days the doctor told us the following: There is a 10mm gestation sac and yolk sac identified. There are echos within the gestation sac but no definate embryo identified. there is a bleed noted below the gestation sac and she is required to have another scan in two weeks. Also, she as been passing a brown discharge (about a teaspoon a day) for three weeks! I know your not doctors but any advice or experience would be greatly received. This is our first pregnancy and I never realised just how stressful it can be, you women really do have to go through so much!!!!!


Maleficent - February 14

fix the date in your post...12-2-05 hasn't happened yet. ;0) if we have an idea how far along she is we might be able to help.


J - February 14

The doctor probably wants to make sure that the pregnancy is progressing. I had mild bleeding at 8 weeks and the baby measured 6 weeks 1 day and sadly a few days later the baby died. Do you know if the heartbeat was there? My doc saw me on a monday and wanted me back the following Mon. you should get back to your doc. ASAP for another ultrasound if she is still bleeding.


jonathan - February 14

Sorry I forgot Americans have a different way of writing the date. It was the 12th february 2005. She is still bleeding, and the doctor didn't metion anything about a heartbeat. My wifes periods are always irreagular so I'm just wondering whether or not this my have some bearing in the fact that the doctors reckon it' 4 to 5 weeks whereas we thought it's was 6 1/2 weeks. Deep down I know it's not going to be good news but I suppose we always cling on to the last bit of hope!!!!!!!!!!


citrouille - February 15

jonathan, I'm sorry to say that what you are describing doesn't sound good. I had more or less the same thing happen. I started cramping and bleeding at 7 weeks and went for an ultrasound. the baby measured 5 weeks and a couple of days later I miscarried. My discharge was also brown for most of the time up until the true miscarriage. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. There may still be some hope though. Keep us posted and I'm sending your wife lots of good thoughts and baby glue!



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