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Wondering - April 9

This may sound silly...but at early pregnancy, around the time when your period is supposed to come, did u have some(light) actual period symptoms? Such as the usual period zit. I think I might be preg. and I have some good signs but one thing(only) that fit the prescription for period is that I just found a zit. However it is tiny and I did indulge in an Apple Bees Tripple Chocoalte Meltdown (mmm) this weekend and three mini snicker's bars on Thursday so perhaps thats why. What do you think?


To Wondering - April 9

I doubt that it's the chocolate since there is no link between diet and acne, although many of us have been told that over the years. Acne can be a symptom of pregnancy, though. Are you able to test soon? Baby dust to you.


cara - April 9

My skin has been awful-I am 30 years old and have always had great skin-I am 9 weeks pregnant and for the past 3-4 weeks it has been awful. The dr said it is the hormones and that it will clear up by the second trimester!


Kim - April 9

I am also 30 and I have had acne for the first time in my life since I have been pregnant. I am almost 11 weeks now and it's starting to subside a little. I can't complain, though, because that was my worst symptom.


paola - April 10

if u eat excess chocolate or oily foods it most def. can effect your skin and cause a pimple or two, since that is what u said u have. acne, is a diff. story and preg. hormones can cause acne or better skin. but a pimple can be affected by diet as well as skin in general.


Brooke Crow - April 11

This has worked WONDERS for me ... though rather "not fun" to tolerate the smell ... puree three large strawberries and 1/4 cup of cider vinegar together to make a pulpy/smooth misxture (keep in fridge) ... every night after you wash your face, pat some of this on your face and let dry. Once it is dry you cannot "smell" anything ... anyway, in the morning, your face will be soft and the preggo zits will start to fade away. Sounds weird, I know, but it is natural and it works like a dream. I made three jars of this stuff, and canned it like I would preserves ... it keeps well, and now my teenage daughter is using it, too ... it has helped her acne problem, too.


Nadine - April 11

Brooke Crow--put the mixture on the zit or the whole face? How long does it keep? Do you wash it off once it dries? (thanks).


to paola - April 11

My friend is a dermatologist and I am a dermatology nurse and it has never been able to be proven that either chocolate or greasy foods, etc. can cause pimples or acne. It is true, however, that drinking a lot of water will help your skin, and thus diet can effect your skin in a positive way. Pimples and acne are generally triggered by hormones, thus the a__sociation with our periods or with pregnancy. Stress can also cause breakouts and often does.


Brooke Crow - April 12

Nadine - I put the whole mixture on my face, hairline, and underneath chin ... and keep it on all night. I rinse my face in the morning. It does "stink" until it dries (well, actually, it smells like strawberries and cider vinegar.) Oh, and as far as how long it will keep ... well, I made a huge batch back in early February, and the canned jars are still bright red (fresh looking) and the original jar that I've kept refrigerated, is also still bright red and fresh ... so I know it keeps at least 10 weeks in the frig ... the ratio is 3 strawberries to 1/4 cup of cider vinegar ... when I made the huge batch, I used 12 berries and 1 cup of vinegar ... made enough to stock our house plus daughter's girlfriends, too. Weird, I know, but it does work for us. Try a small batch and see how it works for you ... the cold on your face at night will feel WONDERFUL during the summer months.


That's funny - April 12

So good stuff can have a positive effect on skin, but bad stuff can't....weird...what about those times when people eat a lot of oily foods etc. and there skin reeks the havoc of it? Boy, I am gonna have to let my derm. of 3 years go then, huh....(confused)


Thanks Brooke! - April 12

I appreciate the recipe. --Nadine


Bump - April 16

Bump for recipe


Bump - April 26

Bump for recipe (Again)


babyonboard - April 26

sounds good..but surely it will stain your face?whenever i eat strawberries i get bright red lips and fingers..and i don't want to try it and wake up for work looking like a tomato.


Brooke Crow - April 26

To babyonboard: (Smile.) I understand your concern, but no ... it hasn't stained our faces yet. The strawberries blend well with the vinegar ... the ONLY negative aspect is the SMELL ... but it evaporates quickly from your skin. My experience is the mixture leaves the skin soft and heals the blemishes nicely ... I wouldn't use it if I were allergic to strawberries though ... cider vinegar alone works wonders. It is not as harsh as Sea Breaze or other astringents containing alcohol. It is completely natural. I use organic cider vinegar (that still contains the mother) ... contemplating learning how to make my own, actually. I have made so many jars that I am handing them out to family and friends and I have heard nothing but "thank you thank you thank you" ... everyone, so far, seems to love it. But everyone is different ... try it.


oh - April 26

I've been re-using the tiny jars that chopped/diced pimento peppers come in ... they are excellent ... and reseal great after the boiling process. They don't take up much room at all in the frig either.



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