After 5 Years Of TTC PREGNANT

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trying4number1 - June 22

Tested early afternoon 6/18 and the digital test for the first time EVER said "PREGNANT!" Went in for bloodwork right away friday (Results on Monday) Waited anxiously ALL weekend. Monday Results - Friday's HCG 45 I went in this morning tues. 6/22 for more bloodwork the HCG was 145...I go back in on thurs for more bloodwork...are my levels ok? The nurse said they're lower than normal but it IS early. May 14 was the first day of my last period. I really think I ovulate LATE in my I think it's really early...regular 28 day cycle. Dr. said I was 5weeks on 6/18 (I think that may or may not be the case) anywways! Just wanted to share and collect any thoughts! :) Hubby and I are excited, want to tell everyone but are keeping it secret til we get the next round of bloodwork.



Congratulations!!!! I think your levels are fine if they are doubling thus far! God bless you your belly an your growing family!!! Its exciting to hear someones been trying so long and have been successful!


trying4number1 - June 22

Thank you SO much :) It was very hard to deal with at times but we got through it! Prayed a LOT :) Thank you for your encouraging words! I am so excited about finally being pregnant!!!!



I just sent u a msg but the system rejected it! I'm glad you were encouraged. I kno what its like to be ttc and not get pregnant rite away. I was only ttc for 11 mos but it felt like forever thought we had fun doing it. Now I'm 9 wks pregnant with my 2nd baby nd I'm jus relaxing when I'm not sleeping or complaining. Lol I can't get private msgs for some reason but email me babystarluvzpr and that's for yahoo. I can't put it with the symbold because that's how it got rejected


trying4number1 - June 24

Levels are going UP! Yay! Today it was 361, doctors were happier with that :) 6weeks tomorrow! More blood work on monday and first dr. apt on July 8th! I can't wait!!!



Yay...not that I didn't know that already! Congrats girl I saw baby yesterday and it was relaxin it did move one time but other than that the little heart was just goin and goin which made me very happy.. I made 10 weeks today yay!


trying4number1 - June 29

My count went up to 2,291 and tomorrow I have an ultra sound scheduled! SO excited! :)


trying4number1 - July 1

Didn't see anything at the ultrasound except for the black area where baby will be. Like I said I THINK I'm earlier than the doctors are thinking. They think I'll be 7weeks tomorrow, I think I'm 4-5weeks. We'll see I have my first OB next thursday. I'm just anxious to see something but I know it's still early! My friend jokingly said it's twins, since your counts getting higher and higher and they're just taking their time to be seen :P I just want a healthy baby or babies!



Hey I'm glad ur doing good! How's it going so far? I hope ur lil baby is thriving well and you went back for a 2nd scan if so what was the outcome



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