After Miscarriage

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jane - July 6

how soon after a miscarriage, is it safe to try to get pregnant again


mandy - April 18

are you at a higher risk to get pregnant if you have had a misscarriage?


marsh - May 11

they say to wait a cycle or two. You need to build up your lining again or you could easily have another miscariage


Glenn - May 29

In 2001 there was a study published in the Obs/Gyn news which proved there is no evidence to suggest there is no increased risk of further misscarriage and neonatal morbidity for pregnancy within a month period following a D&C. Other evidence suggests the 2 cycle rule applies purely for emotional reasons and the mother is infact more fertile within the 2 months post D&C.


Leah - July 6

I got pregnant immediatly after my miscarriage (didn't have another period after miscarriage)and am currently 7 months pregnant with the same healthy baby.


Suzy - November 14

I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks and pa__sed the clot naturally (no D&C) The doc said go ahead and try again, and now I'm at 8 weeks. I'm pretty nervous...


m - November 14

hi jane, I hope you have the good fortune of Leah and Suzy. But just to tell you my story, I got pregnant before the first full cycle after mc. I pa__sed everything within a day or so, hcg was back at zero in a couple of days, so no D & C. Therefore, I didn't see anything wrong with trying immediately... even though people told me to wait at least a cyle. My body wasn't ready to do it again, so I had another miscarriage. So, it can happen. Even though the mind does need time to heal, so does the body. By the way, I had previously had 2 live healthy births, and have no fertility obstacles (fibroids, cysts, etc). Best of luck to you.


jenn - November 14

Its been 7 days since my natural miscarriage. No D&C was needed. But I'm still bleeding regularly - more than spotting, but not more than a light day of my normal period. Shouldn't this have stopped by now ? Should I be concerned ? Also, I've resumed exercising. Exercising usually makes my period shorter because it causes me to bleed out faster. I do seem to bleed alot more when I exercise now, but I'm not sure if that's healing or hurting me. Exercising also brings on sharp intermitting pains in my uterius. Definitely not cramps. The pain is more anoying that painful, but I'm not sure if I should worry about them.... Has anyone got any advice ? I don't go back to the OB until Wed.


jenn - November 15




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