After Seeing A Heartbeat What Are The Chances Of M C

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Jessica - May 5

On April 20, I had my first ultrasound and we saw the sac, baby and a heartbeat. Doctor said everything looked great and told me I was 8w1d. On night of May 1st and morning of May 2nd (9w5d) I had light spotting when I wiped. It was brown and then light pink and back to brown. I had no cramping, nausea, etc. I have had no other spotting since then. I have read that after seeing a heartbeat, the chances of miscarriage go down dramatically. Should I be worried? What causes this bleeding if it's not a miscarriage. I think I was too far along for it to be "implantation"bleeding. Has anyone ever had a miscarriage after seeing a baby and heartbeat on the ultrasound? My next appointment is May 18th, and the wait will drive me crazy!


Lynn - May 5

We must be due the same day.. I'm due nov 29... I had my first u/s at 8w2d. I have heard that the chance of miscarriage after heartbeat was less than 3%. Did you call the doctor's office to report the bleeding? They may want you to come in again for another u/s befoe may18. I posted a thred asking the same quesiton on the miscarriage & loss board and got several women reply that they didn't miscarry, but did go in at 11-12 weeks to find that the baby had died a week or two before.. so it does happen, but remember, everyone on that board is there because they lost a baby. If you polled the general pregnant population it would probably be hard to find people that this actually happened to. Maybe you did some stretching or exercising around that time that may have caused the placenta to tear a little bit or something? Since it has stopped, I wouldn't worry about it, but I'd still let your doc know before may18.


Jena - May 5

I agree with Lynn completely - let your doctor know, and they may want to see you. I am worried because I am 9w3d with twins and yesterday I had HORRIBLE cramping... and my morning sickness has dramatically decreased, so I'm going to call the doctor just to make sure both of them are still okay... (usually) :) doctor's know best!!!


Jessica - May 5

I didn't call my doctor because in all of the packets they gave me, they said not to worry unless the bleeding was constant, heavy like a period, and was accompanied with cramping and/or nausea. I know it's silly, but I feel like if I call and make a big deal about it, then it will be a big deal. Lynn: Yes, I am due on Nov. 29th. Have you had any type of spotting or bleeding? I was wondering since you mentioned you had posted a question like this on the miscarriage board.


Lynn - May 5

No, Jessica I haven't had any spotting or bleeding... so far. I posted the thread becasue I was worried about when to tell people and was thinking that if everything went good at the sono then we would tell family & close friends, but where I live, if you tell someone, everyone knows, even if you tell them not to say anything. This is my first & I'm just really cautious about everything.


Kat - May 5

I started spotting, so I went to the doc. I had u/s and found out that I was 6w/1d. We saw the heartbeat, sac, and tiny baby. The next day, my spotting became worse along with the cramps. I miscarried that night. Please keep your eyes open to the color and amount of spotting you have. If it gets to where you are messing up your panties, you need to go to the doctor.


DR - May 5

I have heard that your chances of miscarriage drop significantly after 13 weeks...that is why most people who have experienced early miscarriages wait until after they are 3 mths along before telling people.


Sis - May 6

I've also had that spotting and discharge last week. After my ultra sound and everything seemed fine, by the weekend, the discharge was gone. So it seems pretty normal for this to happen.


Jessica - May 9

Well, my spotting came back and has been going on for 4 days now. It has been brown in color and I have had no cramping whatsoever. I called my doctor's office on Friday, but the nurse told me not to worry unless it turned bright red w/ cramps then go to the emergency room. This is driving me crazy. Is it possible to be having a miscarriage with no cramps? Surely it can't be good if the spotting doesn't go away, even if it is brown. Where does all of this "old" blood come from?


Lenore - May 9

Jessica, you should insist that your doctor see you. I don't know why they would say not to worry unless it turns bright red? I don't want to alarm you but I think you should see a doctor just to be rea__sured. i had a mc which started with light brown spotting for 3 days (no cramps) which than got heavy and bright red with cramps after 3 days. Good luck, you are in my thoughts and prayers.


staci - May 9

I had a m/c on 3/27 and D&C on 3/28. I had light brown spotting for 10 days, we had a u/s at 6.5 weeks and saw the baby's heartbeat etc...they said our chances of m/c were like less than 1%...3 days later I had a m/c. The whole time I had the light brown spotting I didnt have any cramps but b/c it lasted longer than 3 days they had me come in for a u/s, I would insist on this, it is your body and you need to know everything is ok!!! Keep us posted-thinking of you



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