Alittle Bit Pregnant

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Confused - January 7

I never thought it was possible to be a little bit pregnant. That was until the past few weeks in what has turned out to be very bizarre events. The last time I have had s_x was 12/07/04. My last period was 11/30/04. It was 1/01/04 when I took my pregnancy test. It turned up positive. So I called and made an appointment to confirm it with my doctor. I showed up all excited. I even brought with me the at home test. My doctor had me do one of their urine test and is came back negative. I felt like an idiot so the did a blood test. The blood test came back with a faint positive. Only a trace of the hormone could be found. So to be on the safe side they did an ultrasound. NOTHING! There was nothing in my uterus. My doc said that it was way to early to be able to tell and to come back next week. Well, I went back on Tuesday. I passed the urine test and the blood one with flying colors. Only they still couldn’t find anything doing a va___al u/s. They went and did another full one and nothing not even in my ovaries. Now, the past few days I have had the worst flank pain (lower back pain) then what started as brown (old) blood when I wipe to go to the bathroom. This morning I had a little bit heavy brown stuff so I used a tampon so not to ruin my cloths. However, around 12 pm I was cramping bad. I went to the bathroom pulled out my tampon and a whole bunch of blood came rushing out. Then there was a huge blood clot. It was almost black. I called my doctor right away. He said is sounds like a miscarriage and to come see him tomorrow morning since I was to far away to make it there today. How is all of this possible?


KN - January 9

The same similar thing happened to me. I knew I was pregnant before my af was due, which is possible, because it detects hcg. Then, the day my af was due, it came, and when I called my doc, he said that I was probably having a mis, which can happen more often than you think. A week later is when I took my next test, and it was negative. I am very sorry for your loss, I know how it feels. That is why they tell women to not test until after their af is due, because if you would not have known you were preg, you would have pa__sed it off as your af, which is what happens to so many women. They have a mis but do not even know it. I saw it as a good thing to have to mis, in that it always happens for a reason. It was natures way of telling you that the baby would probably have complications. See, it's better to have a mis really early than later in the preg, right? I hope I am helping you out. Just trust me on this.... it is nothing that you did wrong, these things happen all the time. I wish you the best of luck in the future.



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