All Day M S

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Julie - March 3

I have morning sickness so bad I can hardly function. I can't stomach to each hardly anything besides saltines and ginger ale. I am so worried about the nutrition for the baby and can't lift a finger around the house. I have a 2 year old and feel so bad that I can't even play with him. I am 8 weeks and it has been like this for 3 days now. Any suggestions?


Beth - March 3

Have you tried those bracelets they sell that are for morning sickness? My sister used them and a friend of mine, her sister had that bad of morning sickness almost throughout her whole pg and the bracelets helped her out to a point to at least get through work every day.


hrd - March 3

My sister has very severe morning sickness as well. She has to take meds. to get her through it. There are very good and very safe meds to help you through this just talk to your Dr.


Julie - March 3

My doc gave me this vit. b 12 stuff yesterday but it didn't help if anything it made it worse. Where can I get these bracelets?


Angie B - March 3

Yes, where can we get those bracelets. I live in Canada. What are they called? Thanks


Penny - March 3

You should be able to get them at any pharmacy. They may not indicate that it's for morning sickness, but the ones for motion sickness work as well. They run about $10.00 Us...Canada most likely around 12 to 15. :) Try something Dairy and see if that works. (a little milk with some cereal) Penny


JB - March 3

With my 2nd pregnancy I couldn't function at all. I feel your pain. I'd trow up so violently, I actually broke blood vessels on my face and looked like I had little red freckles (not even base would cover them up). My doctor gave me Zofran (sp?) and it was a life saver. I'd still throw up but, not as often and I could start to actually keep some things down. Ask you doctor about it. (I started taking it at 6 weeks on an as-needed basis, it didn't effect the baby any, I ended up having a beautiful healthy baby girl) I hope that helps!!!


Kristina - March 3

This may sound weird and I haven't tried it but I read on a web site yesterday to eat Cuc_mbers soaked in water. I have been lucky enough not to have had m/s but if I did I think I would try it, it doesn;t sound to bad to stomach. Good Luck


Beth - March 3

I don't know if any of you have a store called Wal-Mart where you live but I know they sell them there in the pharmacy dept.



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