All Day Nausea

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MaryRoco - June 29

I am 7 and a half weeks along and have been feeling queasy for about a week straight. I've thrown up a couple of times, but mostly just start gagging when I smell something gross. It's an all day ordeal and I feel a little better when I eat something or exercise, but it's only temporary and it's also been hard to eat healthy foods or remain active. I am already gaining weight all over and my clothes are getting tighter. This is my first pregnancy and I'm 26. How long does this last? Any tips on how relieving the nauseousness throughout the day?


Seredetia - June 29

This is my first pregnancy, too, and I find it's definitely helpful to eat little bits of things at a time to quell the queasies. They say unsalted crackers like saltine-types are really good for it, but I've actually tried to find some healthy foods instead....peanut b___ter toast (sometimes with, yogurt (sometimes it's a little too un-textured for a sick stomach, though), rice cooked in chicken broth (or even maybe cous cous). I've also tried sipping fruit juice and it seems to help...but it might be too acidic if you're really bad. Gatorade is tolerable and seems to work for a VERY short time... That's what I've been doing, but of course try to find your own combos. The peanut b___ter toast definitely does wonders, however.


RMC - June 29

Unfortunately, nausea can vary. With my first child, I had it all day everyday thru the whole pregnancy. I could drink water and throw it back up ): And then I didn't have that problem at all in my 2nd or 3rd pregnancy, and so far not in my 4th either.


JESS1980 - June 29

This is my first pregnancy, and I puked every day....morning, noon & night.....for the first 6 months. Hopefully yours will go away long before mine did! :-) Sucking on hard candy always helped ease the nausea....but nothing ever made it completely go away. GOOD LUCK!!!



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