All Day Sickness

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Michelle - July 1

Hi my name is Mich__le and I am 23 and pregnant with my first. These past few weeks have been really nervous. I am 6 weeks 3 days preganat and sicker than ever. I am more sick in the am and it gets a little better at night. I am away from home right now for my fiance's job and can't see my dr until July 25th. Any suggestions on this morning sickness thing, I can't seem to keep anything down? How long will this last for?


Amy - July 1

I have morning sickness sooooo bad. I can't eat...Try eating fruits like banannas, mango's, strawberries, peaches..The fresher the better, or veggies like cuc_mbers sprinkled with salt...Anything light..Yogurt, things that are easier and lighter going down will feel lighter in your tummy and if it comes up you wont strain so much, stay away from heavy stuff b/c when it comes up..OUCH and no orange juice..Acid isnt good for your tummy, try white grape juice...and Saltine Crackers and suck on Peppermints or the green and white speariment ments...Or if you feel like you can handle it try coke..or ginger ale.....


Shea - July 1

I am pretty much sick all day too. I know it's hard to eat when you feel like that, but it's only worse on an empty stomach. Some sort of bread helps me, toast in the morning, crackers in the afternoon, I just try to eat small, frequent snacks. I am 12weeks and still sick, so hopefully it will end soon!


JA - July 1

I am 12 weeks and my morning sickness hasn't let up. Yesterday I was sick from 10 am till what time is it now??? I don't vomit just sooooo nauseous. I was eating crackers at 3 am today.


Hanna - July 2

I recognise your stories. I am 11wks and 3 days now and still very nauseous. My stomach is very unpredictable. Sometimes it is fine and I feel I could eat (almost) anything and sometimes even walking makes me nauseous. I have thrown up quite a lot already. Eating, ironically, seems to help a bit. Good luck to you all! I don't eat this all the time since it is just too unhealthy, but cake seems to help.. bread, although it is a struggle to get it through my throat, helps too.


jacqui - July 3

i feel for all of you. i am 5 weeks pregnant and nauseous unless i am asleep. just waiting for the sickness to start. previously had hyperemesis and just so scared its gonna happen again. i lost that baby not because of hyperemesis but im just so scared of being sick. im 36 and such a baby!!! read so many things about what should and shouldnt eat im so confused. my daughter is 11 so and with her i was sick but it was bearable.


Maggie - July 3

One thing that really helps me is lemonade. I sip it and try to eat some crackers or cheerios. I also have someone looking into a tea that is suppossed to help. As soon as I get that info I'll post it. Hang in there ladies!



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