All I Want To Eat Is BAD Food

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Dia - October 22

All I can stand to eat is junk food...either candy or fast food. It seems that that is all I can get down without it making me sick first. This is terrible! Anyone else feel this way?? Also, I CONSTANTLY feel like I have a huge, gaping pit in my stomach that needs to be filled....even after I eat! It's almost like a gnawing I the only one??? Thanks everyone!


Bridget - October 22

No, you're not alone. I am normally a very picky eater, but I too have been eating out all the time. I went to my first dr. visit at 6 weeks and had gained 3 pounds. I know that's not a lot of weight but am not sure if it's normal either. I am now almost 9 weeks and feel like I may have put on a few more.


tanya - October 22

i can totally understand, because i am 9wks and i want chips and dip, im still constipated like hell, i feel full but i still eat because i know i am pg with twins, i think the fullness comes from me taking prometrium and progesterone in oil.


dani - October 23

I hear ya on the whole bad food thing. That's all I've been craving since the very begining of my pregnancy. Salt, salt, salt.....I'm 30 weeks now, so thank god I only have 10 more weeks of these bab


lindsay - October 24

thank GOD i'm not the only one... i feel so guilty because i'm not eating a well balanced diet ... plus, i don't want to gain the 50 lbs. i did w/ my 1st preg. sure, i eat fruits and veggies.. but the veggies are usually w/ fatty salad dressing or cheese sauce or something,lol. plus, i want things i'm not even supposed to eat... if half the mothers-to-be in these forums saw the bloody filet mignon w/bleu cheese i ate the other day, they'd just shake their heads!


Ella - October 24

My secret fetish has become greasy chinese food...normally I don't care for it but lately all I want is those little chicken on a sticks. Maybe this will pa__s? I don't really feel like eating/drinking the other "bad" things I used to Diet Coke and Chocolate....glad to hear I'm not alone....


Ca__sie - October 24

Eating well has been a struggle for me this entire pregnancy (am 33 weeks now) but I still try to fit in fruits/veggies, and always take my vitamins. I'm not as hungry all the time anymore (get filled up pretty quickly) but I still crave the sweets... more now than ever. Hope that all ends after the pregnancy so that I have a chance to get back to my original size.


Michelle - October 24

I am so happy I too am not alone. Before I was preganant I ate very well.. Now all I crave are carbs. Pizza, Mac n Cheese....yes they are very yummy but i know thay are not good for me....I just dont want veggies at


Renee - October 24

I had the worst morning sickness today that lasted until 3pm. AFter that, I got a MONSTER craving for cheese fries.... I'm 6 weeks, and scared of what my diet future holds... LOL!


mrl - October 30

I'm sooo happy to hear that I'm not alone...I used to be really healthy and fit before I got pregnant, I mean really...I wouldn't even eat bread more than once a week...All I can eat now is bread, cheese, pancakes, chocolate, pizzas and the like (bad, bad carbs...;) I'll be 9 wks. tomorrow and so far I've put on almost 7 lbs!!! I know it's way too much, you're not supposed to gain this much in the entire first trimester...Anyone got any ideas how to supress hunger and cravings???



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