All Ladies Due In January Part 1

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cyndilea1973 - May 27

Since the other thread (anyone else due in Jan) was getting so long, I thought I would officially create our thread for the next 8 months or so. Welcome to all on their way to a special New Year's present.


cyndilea1973 - May 27

January ladies are all at "New Years babies"


cherylc - May 28

I'll join ya here too LOL. The other tread gets so long that it seems some posts get lost in the mix. When are you due?? I'm due Jan 17th


mary b - May 28

Hey ladies, GOOD IDEA cyndilea1973. I have not been to the doctor yet but I'm due January 12th with my second. How about you two? How are you feeling?


suem - May 29

I don't know what to do or think...I was at my doctors appointment this morning and yea we saw the heartbeat and it was strong at 138..could it be my boy? My girls were all in the 150-160 range..and then he measured the fetus and it measured perfectly to were it needed to be..I am now 6 w 4d..the yolk sac was good but the gestational sac was measuring alittle on the smaller side but he told me not to worry b/c the fetus looked good and healthy...but how can I not worry.we have waited so long for this and this is horriable sounding to me at least...I don't know what to think or what to even say to my husband. I don't want him to worry but he would be crushed if there was something wrong and I did not tell him sooner..but what if it is nothing then I don't want to worry him. What do I do..i have never delt with anything like this b/c we never got to see the fetus this it nothing to worry about like the dr said? =


cyndilea1973 - May 29

Sue-- I really wouldn't worry too much about the gest sac measuring small. As long as your little one has a good hr (138 is awesome) and the sac isn't irregular shaped, your little one is ok. Trust me, if there was something terribly wrong with the measurements, they would have told you so. when you had the u/s you were 6w4d, what were the actual measurements? When I had my u/s on Sunday, I was 6w 2d, but measured 6w0d, which is a little behind, but the doc said that the sac was regular and the yolk sac and fetal pole was right on track for 6wks. he couldn't count the hr as the machine was c___ppy, but all was good. When do you go back again for another u/s? I am sure all will be smoothed out if you go back in a couple weeks. The early u/s are great for seeing your bean, but with all babies developing at different rates, the early u/s can freak you out unecessarily. I go on Monday for a follow up u/s to get hb, due date, measurements. I am 6w6d, should be due Jan 15th. I had a scare over the weekend with a bleed, found out we lost a twin, but other bean is hanging on strong. Hi Cheryl! Hi Mary, I have been SOO tired and have just started being nauseous this week. I am on a milk drinking kick and have the sorest ta ta's! How are you guys doing symptom wise?


suem - May 29

Cyn-When looking at my pictures of my scan..last week all you saw was a perfect circle inside a perfect circle..this week you see the fetus and the yolk sac and the gestational sac is inlongated like a the shape of a pickle..what does that mean? why did it change shape? is it b/c there is more in there now? The baby measured at 6w3d and i was 6w4d at the time of the scan. should it be a perfect circle the gestational sac? omg now i am really worried :(


KPIV - May 29

hi ladies my name is Kelly. I had a missed mc on april 14th and a DnC on April 18th and just found out I'm preg again w/o my first AF. I think I should be around 6weeks or so which would put me due Jan 21 or so, kinda cool cause my b-day is Jan 20th :) I'm just really scared cause of what happen last time... This will be my first baby if everything sticks. Anyone else in the same boat?


suem - May 29

Cyn-Just got off the phone with the dr. and my gestational sac is one week behind measuring at 6 mm were they are saying it is on the smaller side but will watch it to make sure it grows. And that the fetus is measuring perfectly at the right size for how far along I am. I hope that helps and she also told me that it is not irreg. shaped. Does that help . Thank you for being there for me to quickly.


austynsmommy - May 30

I think I might join also. My name is amanda. I am due around jan 5th but not positive. I go back to the doctor on june 4th and I get an ultrasound at the same time. I have bad morning sickness. My doctor gave me some stuff for it. I have two kids. My oldest is 4 years old and my baby is 20 months. Is everyone going to find out what they are having or are you going to wait? I cant wait to find out.


KPIV - May 30

hi amanda, congrates! I'm going in around June 10th for an ultrasound. We are going to wait to see what we are going to have... my husband really wants it to be a suprise... i think the wait is going to kill me :) I have yet to get morning sick, luckly but I did get a really bad cold over the weekend and it's kicking my b___t. I hope i'm one of the lucky ones that avoids all the queasies. do you want a boy or girl :)


cherylc - May 30

Well ladies, right now I'm in limbo. They checked my hcg levels this week and unfortunately it's not looking good. They are not rising as they should. They should have gone up 3000 in 2 days and they only went up 500. I'm absolutely terrified, and have been having a really hard time with it. I can't seem to get myself thinking positive. My doctor has me going in for more blood work on Saturday and on Monday. I also have an ultrasound booked for next Thursday, although I BEGGED for one sooner, she told me that she really wants me to wait that extra week so we know for SURE if everything is going good or not. She has told me to prepare myself for the worst though. I'm trying really hard to find a glimmer of hope.... but it seems to be making things worse because for every story I find with a positive outcome, I find 50 more with bad outcomes.


mary b - May 30

NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL YET. But today i'm more tired then i have ever been. It seems like everyone had already had an ultrasound? My doc only gives 2. I have not gone to the doc yet. I go on June 2nd. And what is up with the gas? I don't remember it being this bad with my first baby...I can't even leave the house for fear i'll stink people out!!!


KPIV - May 30

OH cheryl I'm so sorry. I know exactly how your feeling. I'm sorry to say that happened to me last time... mine didn't come out possitive, but not even a month later I got pregnant again. I searched every story for hope and just remember you might be that one for every 50 stories. Keep your head up! Lots of sticky dust to you! Mary B I'm dealing with the same "problem" my husband is constantly making coments that I sound worse than a dirty man. I havn't been to the doctor yet either. He keeps calling me bugging me to come in for blood tests because of my last preg. There is nothing he can do to stop or help it if something is going wrong so I'm not even going to go through the stress of waiting for the results unless I absolutly need to. Maybe in a few weeks. Anyone else getting headaches? They seem to be all day for me.


Megan P - May 31

I went for an ultrasound today after starting to spot- brown discharge first and then red.. I'm also getting married today. They couldn't find any sign of a pregnancy in the ultrasound. I had blood drawn and the levels were 754 Hcg. The range is 500+ for a 6 week pregnancy so I'll have them done again on Monday but i'm beginning to bleed. No cramping but no sign of pregnancy was found.........I had the worst wedding ever and got in a fight with groom's family because I wasn't able to put on a good face despite it all.


cherylc - May 31

Megan, I feel so bad for you, and know exactly how you're feeling right now. Maybe you're not as far along as you thought you were? I've read that they wont be able to see anything on the ultrasound until your level reaches 1200... are they planning on doing another ultrasound?? I'm sending you sticky baby vibes and hope it all turns out positive.


Megan P - May 31

bleeding heavily today. my dates cant be wrong. worst few days of my life and my brand new husband wouldn't sleep with me last night because he was mad at me for not behaving better in front of his family and doesn't want to try for another one because of the "drama" I am causing. It's saturday and no doctor will give me anything for the pain or anxiety..........I hate this. Worst day ever.



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