All The Mommies To Be Bfp S Please Help

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chele - February 3

Hi, I have been miserable this last week of my 2ww because for the last 4 days I have had the feeling of af coming on. I'm sure some of you will know what I mean....I do not have cramping but I get this dull, fuzzy feeling in my uterous prior to af. My question is, are there any of you out there with bfp's that had this feeling (positive af was coming), but got a bfp? By the way Congratulations to all of you!


heather28 - February 3

I only took a test b/c while talking to my mom on the phone she suggested I should. We had been trying for so long that I quit taking the test b/c it was always negative. I was having these weird feelings in my tummy, and sure enough I got a BFP. But I was sure AF was coming any day. Now I will be 7w on Monday. Go get a test like First Response or Answer that tells you 5 days sooner. If you are you might have enough HCG to get a reading.


Whisper - February 3

I was convinced that my symptoms were just AF coming. I tested because I noticed some unusual spotting, but still fully expected a negative as I've seen that so many times. I was completely shocked when I saw 2 lines in less than a minute. I had convinced myself that AF was on its way, and that maybe I was getting the flu as well. GL!


Whisper - February 3

seen a negative so many times, that is. Not the spotting, that was a first.


chele - February 4

heather & whisper, thanks for your responses and Congrats to you both!


zerfowski05 - February 5

WOW! Sounds like me. My husband and I weren't trying by any means and I could still swear that I'm going to get my period...even though I'm about 7 wks along! I am cramping, bloated, moody, b___bs are killing me, and I swear that I would run to the bathroom sometimes with a tampon in hand and....nothing! I had a very small amount of brown discharge about the time I should have started but that was it. A week later and still no AF but AF symptoms persisted. I thought i just missed AF because of stress because thats what happens when I get stressed out. I was actually planning on getting back on birth control as soon as af was over so I decided to take a HPT just to be safe and sure enough, with in 10 seconds it was BFP. So of course I took 4 more lol! I don't feel pregnant at all. i feel like I'm on my period without the bleeding. This is our first baby so I'm in the dark really! Good luck though!


moescrilla - February 5

i've been having period symptoms too. Especially that dull cramping that I get right when my period is fixing to start (before it starts cramping real bad) It when i think, (I'm gonna start any minute, I feel the cramps commin but nothing



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