Allergies While Pregnant

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Kimberly - February 12

DO any of you have bad allergies...if so has your Dr told you anything that was safe to take. I'm only 6 weeks but i'm feel like i'm dying lol


Rachel* - February 12

I have allergies everyday, year-round. I take Astelin (nasal spray antihistamine) and my doctor said it's fine. I don't know about any other meds, but why don't you call your doctor's office or ask a pharmacist.


Sarah - February 13

I have bad allergies that i have to have cortisone injections every 6weeks, but because im pregnant i cant have them so the dr suggested some antihistamines that are otc. Its best you speak to your dr just to make sure


April - July 16

My dr told me it was safe to stay on my allegra D and continue taking my nasal spray...


j. - July 16

When I was pregnant, I was really lucky cuz I didn't get my pollen allergy at all! I guess that's because during pregnancy, your antibody reactions are lowered (so as not to reject the baby) and therefore sometimes you don't react so strongly to an allergen. Allergies are the immune system's (exaggerated) attack on what it perceives as an intruder.


shelly - July 17

I have terrible allergies, and used to take Allegra D everyday. I'm 8.5 weeks pregnant and I haven't taken a thing. My doc said I could take my allegra, but I've been on a lot of web sites (including this one) and it dosen't sound like it is safe. I've suffered many days w/out, but in my opinion, I don't want to take anything because theres to many different opinions about every med out there.


Lucy - July 17

I am 34 weeks and have been using a nasal spray on days where it makes me utterly miserable. There are herbal remedies you can take and the spray and eye drops are the safest conventional medications for allergies in pregnancy.


Perl - April 19

I know that the original post is more than a year old but I found it today because I also would use the words "utterly miserable" to describe how my allergies are making me feel today. USING ALLEGRA WHILE PREGNANT IS NOT THE BEST IDEA. I had been using Allegra for 2 years and when I told my Allergy Specialist that I'm pregnant, she changed my prescription to Zyrtec or Claritin (my choice). I've been getting injected with antigens for 3 years for allergies. The shots worked great for the past 2 allergy seasons. Now that I'm pregnant my allergies are worse!! The meds aren't working so I'm switching to the only OTC meds that ever worked for me, after I check with my Dr. today--Chlor Trimeton--all the websites I've checked say they are ok but I'm checking with my Dr. first.


Perl - April 19

In case anyone else is miserable with sneezing and itchy watery nose and eyes, this is straight from my Dr.'s information sheet: Antihistamines that are safe Claritin or Chlor Trimeton (chlorpheneramine) always safe. Benadryl and Claritin D safe after 13 weeks of pregnancy. Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) is safe only after 13 weeks. Tylenol allergy/sinus & Tylenol Cold only after 13 weeks. For pain, only Tylenol is safe.


drea - April 19

My doctor said Benadryl is safe to take, but I'm scared to take anything besides Tylenol. I would check with your doctor first though. Every Doctor says different things. Good Luck


Perl - April 21

I checked a couple of websites and found the Chlor-Trimeton is one of only two "safe" antihistamines for 1st trimester. Claritin according to another source is best left to 2nd trimester or later.


vweissflug - April 22

I was told by my dr only sudafed or benedryl



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