Almost 12 Weeks O

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jessielouwho - August 8

I'll be 12 weeks this Saturday, I'll get to move up to the 2nd trimester board :o) anyone going with me?


Emy - August 8

Hi! I am 12 weeks today but was not planning to moving up until the first day of week 13.....I get confused about when first trimester ends but I thought it was end of week due date is feb 20th, when is yours?


Amy - August 8

Hi i'm 12wks 3 d but i to will wait till week 13 starts then headed to 2nd trimester board hey Emy my due date is feb 18th is this your 1st?


jessielouwho - August 8 two are right. lol I'm obviously anxious! I am due 12/25. Congrats to both of you :o)


jessielouwho - August 8

And I also cant think very clearly tonight, I meant I am due 2/25! I need to go to bed!


Sarah - August 9

Hi Girls, Can I come with you too?! Im due 24th Feb. Cant wait. Due for first scan very soon and hoping all will be well as I have got this far. Although this will be my 2nd baby and everything was fine with first. How you girls feeling? Have the sickness and tiredness worn off yet?


Emy - August 9

Hi Amy, Sarah and Jessie, this is my first! Dh and I are excited but I have been very anxious. Will be so happy when 1st trimester is over. I have been really lucky so far as far as morning sickness goes..nothing more than mild nausea for a few minutes a few times a week. My mom says she was the same way so maybe genes are to play. My only complaint is that I started at 122 lbs and I am now 130! Where is all this weight coming from? lol...I have been trying to stay healthy...oh well, hopefully it will balance itself out. What about you guys? Where are you guys from?


jessielouwho - August 9

Hi all, well for the past couple months I had constant nausea, pretty much all day every day, thank goodness no throwing up tho. Now it seems to be going away, I'm only feeling it a little here and there throughout the day. My b___st tenderness is pretty much gone and I have been sleeping a little better so hopefully these 1st trimester symptoms are slowly fading for me, I can't wait to feel better! As far as the weight, I'm not sure how much I've gained, only a few pounds at my last drs visit but I have another one next friday so I'll see. I'm from Michigan.


sheila - August 9

Hi all...I too will be hitting my 12wk mark this Saturday. First baby and dh and I are so anxious. My due date is feb. 26th. congrats to you all.


Sarah - August 9

Hi Emy, Congrats! The first pregnancy is amazing. I am from UK. Are you from America (its the mom thing!). I have also gained some weight, about 4 lbs so far but I did lose abit before getting preg (which helped me conceive i think). I didnt have actual sickness either, but I had really bad nausea. Thankfully its all gone now! Still quite tired most of time though and also getting few cramps (like period pains), but I been told this is normal. The first trimester is always the worse and you will just bloom in the second when you know all is ok. Have you had any scans yet? Was your baby planned and how long was you trying? We planned this baby and was trying for a year!, but never mind were there now!!


Amy - August 9

Hello Emy and all this is my 4th and i also had a m/c in may i feel very sick with this one but no throwing up thank gosh and i'm very tired and i have gained 13lbs but i think i let all healty go out the window i need to get back on track i'm from nebraska how about you


Tara - August 9

Ladies, I am due 2/21, so will be going to the 2nd trimester board next week too. I've had nausea in the evenings and have gotten sick a couple of times. Also very tired and can't wait for them to go away. Amy, I'm also from Nebrasaka...very cool!


Melissa-Canada - August 9

Hey, I am pregnant with my first child. I am 13 weeks, due feb 8th. I had really bad nausea since 7 weeks...It`s not morning sickness, it`s ALL DAY AND NIGHT sickness for me. I had lost a couple of pounds before getting pregnant because of eating well, but since the nausea, I can`t eat....I now have lost 9 pounds (oups, some of ya will want to kill me ;) Dr put me on Dicloctin? and it works. But, seriously, I feel awfull......I can`t waint for the nausea to go away because I am not happy to be pregnant yet. My clothes are starting to feel tight. I just want a real pregnant belly!!! I am also tired and have insomnia but it seems to be getting better. I am also considering working 4 days a week for the end of pregnancy. Less $, but I think it would be better on my energy and sanity. My first ultrasound is 14 of september. They don`t tell us the s_xe over here, so I will be looking if there is a third leg ;) Anyone whishing for a certain s_xe for their baby??


s - August 10

Jessie, did you say you're due 12/25, you are further than 12 weeks, did you mean 2/25???


Amy - August 10

tara thats neat is this your first?


Mendi - August 10

Hey can I jump on the "Leaving for Second Trimester Train" too? I'm due on 2/18, and it is our first as well. Already had two u/s due to cyst and it looks like we're having a peanut with an alien head! I've been lucky too with now sickness, just mild heartburn in weeks 5 and 6. I hear the 2nd trimester is the best and you have more energy (thank goodness). Melissa, why wont they tell you the s_x in Canada? I honestly dont know how anyone can read an u/s scan, so I guess you'll have to look for a third leg..haha. I hope a girl but it really doesnt matter, just as long as he/she is healthy and doesnt like to cry :) Oh I'm from West Virginia, I just moved here from Ohio (Jessielouwho) dont hold that against me if you're a Wolverines fan haha!


B - August 10

I am 13 weeks... due February 14... this is the only forum where there are other people due in February... I think it would be neat if we could all join again in 2nd trimester forum... I am just interested in sharing whats going on with me and hearing whats going on with all of you!! Congrats to everyone!!!



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