Almost 12 Weeks Pregnant Anyone Else

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Cora - April 3

This Wednesday I'll be into my 12th week. This is my first pregnancy. No U/S yet. Not until April 29th. Anyone else aprox this far along...wanna chat?


Tanya - April 3

Hi Cora, I am 28 years old and this is my first pregnancy. I will be 12 weeks this Tuesday and really looking forward to everything. I have an ultrasound on April 15th to make sure all is well. I was feeling pretty c___ppy for about five weeks and now I feel great! Most of my symtoms have gone away, still a little tired if I over do it. Now I've been getting headaches but I was reading that it all has to do with hormones. How have you been feeling?


Cora - April 4

Hi Tanya. I am 27 years old. So the u/s on the 15th is your first? I thought my dr was kind of leaving it a bit late, I will already be 16 weeks aprox by the time I go to my u/s. I am getting very anxious, as I am hoping everything is going as it should. I felt pretty awful for only about 3 weeks from about week 7 to week 10, but the past 2 weeks have been wonderful. I finally have some of my energy back and appet_te. I have also been getting a few headaches the past week or so. So if you are experiencing them as well, I guess it is maybe normal, I was starting to worry. So are you still working full time? How are you finding it with the energy levels?


Tanya - April 4

Cora, I would ask your dr why they are leaving your u/s until then. My dr said that it is important to get an IPS u/s done before the 13th week. This checks to see is the baby is healthy. Some people don't believe in finding out if the baby is alright and just leave it in Gods hands but I would feel better to know whats going on. I had an u/s done my 7th week to see how far along I was because I went off the pill and got pregnant almost exactly a month later on my wedding night in Punta Cana, Domincan Republic, so we didn't waste any time. I didn't think it would happen this fas but its a blessing! The seven week u/s looked like a baby shrimp and I could see the heart beating, it was amazing! You should be anxious, that is a long time to wait to see whats up! but I am sure things are fine! I have been excited, nervous, anxious thinking that this is going to be such a big change in our life, my first baby and just want things to go smoothly! I took some time off work because I couldn't get out of bed for a month I was so sick, now I am back to work, I have my own extremely busy business, but most my clients understand. I'm a hairstylist. on my feet all day, I am only working part time right now because I get so tired so much faster. I used to work 12 hour days, not happening now! Are you looking forward to things and working full time?


Cora - April 4

Haha, we kind of both are in the same profession. I am also a hairstylist, but for the canine I am a dog stylist. I was working sometimes 6 days a week, but I cut my hours back to only 3 days a week. It's a very stressful job and can be physically demanding. All though as soon as I found out I was pregnant I quit taking on large dogs. You definitely didnt waste anytime in getting pregnant thats for sure ! I went off the pill last October, and we got pregnant this January, so I guess that wasnt that bad either. I have no idea why my dr is leaving the u/s so late. Originally he was going to schedule me for one on May 20th ! The thing is, in this small city that I am living in ( Fort McMurray, Alberta ) the health care system here is awful. I have only been in to my dr for one visit since I got pregnant. That was at about 7 weeks. He told me I would receive my referral papers in the mail for my u/s. Then to come back and see him after that....can u beleive that? There arent enough dr's here, and most of them arent taking on new clients. I was lucky enough to get into this one when I did. But I am very much looking forward to my u/s, I beleive everything will be fine, and hopefully this will be an uneventful pregnancy, yours too ! I am very anxious to finally be a mother, but I am sure we are in for a big shock As to the change in our lifestyle.


Tanya - April 5

Hey Cora, that is neat how we almost do the same thing. I know that I watched a show on dog grooming and it does not look easy at all. I've been catching up on some of my clients the past couple of days which has been a little tiring but it keeps me going. I do love my job but I am usually very talkative, bubbly and always smiling and I have been a little more quiet and tired so I just tell my clients whats going on and they have been so supportive. I plan on taking a year off and when I tell my clients they are in shock and ask me what they are going to do? Things will work out!! My husband thinks I should take the time off. Oh by the way I live in London, Ontario, I grew up here. I have a lot of family in Calgary, is that near you? I was in Calgary about 2 and an half years ago. That's good that you got a doctor especially if there is not much going on where you are. I visited a friend from high school yesterday and she had a baby about six months ago and I would of never pictured her being so amazing with her baby. I got to ask her a lot of questions about everything that she had gone through and she said not to get to stressed because everything just happens natually with motherly instincts. Do you know a lot of people that have babies? I havn't been around to many babies so it is all pretty new to me?


RB - April 5

Hi Cora and Tanya: I am 25 years old with my first - i believe i am in my 12th or 13th week today - when are you both due? It's weird b/c cora - you're in AB, Tanya's in ON, and I'm in BC!... since you guys are talking about u/s, i don't know when i get mine - i don't think i get it until next month! - i have an appt. on april 15, but the dr. only mentioned a physical and a heartbeat - but she did not say i would get an u/s this time around - that would put me at around 18 weeks which i think is ridiculous! is it Canada or am I crazy? most of the women on here get theirs at like 6 weeks!!! let me know when you're due... would love to share experiences with you guys...


Janine - April 5

Hello ladies, Congrats to all. I am due October 19th with my first and I am so excited. RB, it is def Canada, here in U.S. we have u/s by 8 weeks usually sometimes 12 latest, at least in NY. I had problems in the beginning so I had a sono at 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 weeks. I have seen the progress and it is absolutely amazing. Hope you are all having great pregnancies!


jessica - April 5

hey gal - i'm 12 weeks today!!!! i am scheduled for my first u/s on friday - its so hard not knowing whats going on in there!!


rb - April 5

hi janine - are you in your 12th or 13th week now? jessica - good luck with your u/s... i am getting frustrated since i'm not sure when my u/s actually is and my next appt. is next friday.. think i'll call them...


Lesley Ann - April 5

Hi there. I was 11 weeks yesterday (Monday). I am proud to be in my 12th week. A little nervous but very excited. If you would like to chat, feel free to email me with any questions at [email protected]


Cora - April 5

lol Hey RB and Tanya ! And all the other expectant mommas. Tanya, Calgary is about 8 hrs south of where I am . RB where abouts in BC are you? Thats where I am from....I just moved here to Fort McMurray about a year ago. So Tanya, your clients are in shock and dont know what they are going to do while you're off, I am in the same dog grooming is a lucrative business here in Ft McMurray, I am booked 2.5 months in advance, and none of the other dog groomers are taking on new clients. So my clients are already starting to panic. End of August will probably be the last that I work, god willing. My fiance wants me to be a stay at home mom after that. I told him I would go nuts staying at home and only raising children. So I guess we'll see. Maybe I'll move business home. RB, I am due aprox mid October. When is your due date? When are u due Tanya?


Angela - April 5

well im not as far along as the rest of u..but i am almost 6wks (on friday) what can i expect?! :-)


Misty - April 5

Hey Angela, I would say that at this point things are so much better. I have more energy, I don't feel nauseated and stopped having headaches. I am loving this point in my pregnancy. I wish I could stay feeling this way :-) hehe, not looking forward to the almost constant heartburn I had last time or to my baby getting comfortable by lodging it's foot in my ribs. :-) Cora you are pretty lucky to get an ultrasound, it seems like most people are actually. They aren't going to give me one until I am 20 weeks. :-( 8 weeks to go. Hey, only 2 months right, I can do it. I think I can, I think I can. Hehe.


Dallia - April 5

Hi Ladies I am 11 weeks today and finally my symptoms are starting to go away and I am starting to have more energy. I am in Australia and I am a beauty therapist and I had just baught a 5 roomed day spa when I fell pregnant. before I knew I was pregnant I thaught I was just exhausted because I was working 12 hrs a day 7 days a week. I have not been able to have any time away from my bussiness so thank goodness I am starting to get some energy back.


Angela - April 5

Misty-thank you for that! I am looking forward to moving on in my pregnancy...not looking forward to being uncomfortable when the baby gets friend just had a baby and she was umcomfortable from 7-9 months..yay! but i really can't wait to wear maternity i wierd or what?! lol


Cora - April 6

Well today is the 12 week mark, anyone experiencing mild insomnia yet? I was so tired when I went to sleep last night....and I tossed and turned and couldnt sleep most of the night ! I pray to god this is not a new symptom thats going to start Have a wonderful day ladies !



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