Almost 13 Weeks

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C - May 2

Hello-and congratulations to all of you on your pregnancies! I was wondering what everyones feeling at this point-do your stomachs feel different? stretching? or sore?


Justine - May 4

Hi C - Congrats to you too. A few weeks ago my stomach felt sore when I wanted to eat. Now it doesn't - sometimes it feels heavy, sometimes lighter. I seem to just get dizzy and sick when I need to eat which is worse as there's no warning and its scary to think you could faint. I up 2 clothes sizes already so feels bigger but not stretched. I'm 13 weeks and 1 day today. Saw the baby on u/s yesterday and it was trying to do headstands.


Steph - May 4

C - I will be 13 weeks on Friday and I have noticed strange sensations the last few days. stretching... which is weird to describe, and I am not even sure that is what I am feeling. My tummy is definitely growing, but I am wearing the Bella Band, which makes me feel 1,000 times more comfortable. My pre-pregnancy clothes are gettiing too uncomfortable to wear all day without unb___toning. How are you feeling???


SRG - May 4

Hi Everyone, I am 13 weeks tomorrow. I have been feeling pretty good, sometimes the odd ache or pain. My clothing barely fits me. I went to Old Navy and bought some cute Maternity T-Shirts for very reasonable. Still trying to squeeze into my dress pants for the office, but pretty uncomfortable. Saw my baby last week, kicking away. Going back tomorrow for another U/S because last time they said the baby was too small to do the measurements. I was upset and nervous but was told this is normal and not too worry. Has anyone else heard of this.


Heather - May 14

Yes, it is normal to have your uteurs stretch, also I can feel the baby sometimes moving around.


faith - May 19

I felt itchy because my b___sts and belly is starting to strech and the baby started kicking. but lucky me I have no morning sickness and no sore areas. thanks


Amy - June 6

I will be 13 weeks on Wednesday. My pre-preg clothes are definately tight. I went and bought a pair of size 10 jeans that are fitting nicely. (Pre-preg I was a size 4/6). I notice a stretching or pulling sensation in my abdomen when I stand up quickly from a sitting position.



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