Always Angry

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firstimemomma - October 16

I'm finishing my 13th week. My husband has been out of town for 1 month at work. I can't help but always feel angry. I start remembering all the things he did while dating and I just go crazy. I'm angry in general. anyone feeling like this?


evae777 - October 16

yes, i used to be like that. just thinking about the things he did when we dated. but my dh is so different now and has been consistently a good partner ever since we got married. it is like marriage hit a switch. just up until a few months ago i was flipping out over some old stuff. because one of his co-workers has a friend that used to like my dh, but he instead started dating me and she just had it out for me, both these girls would talk so much nonsense about me when i barely even knew them and i blame dh for it because he let them hang around for too long. so that is only one thing, i can tell you a million. but the point is.. it is in the past. how is your dh now, is he good to you, what is it do you think triggers your anger for the past? is it problems with other women? my dh when we dated was very selfish too, it was all about him and his convenience, i feel like i treated him so well and sometimes get mad at myself at why i didn't dump him!! but i'm happy i didn't because we have such a decent marriage and he is a good father and a good husband. but this grudgeholding all went away slowly when he started doing things that i felt more than made up for how he was in the past. he helps out around the house, he takes me out, etc and he is always around. my dh travels too, but only a few days at a time. anyways, i hope you feel better. being angry and make you a slave to the past!


evae777 - October 16

oops i meant can make you a slave to the past.


^lucy^ - October 17

hormones can do wonders believe me.. in my last pregnancy, i would laugh one moment and bust into tears the second.. just like that without any particular reason so its ok everything will be fine at the end dear.. and as long as he's good now, dont think about the past hehe :) GL in ur pregnancy and wish u have a happy and healthy 9 months!!



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