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danielle19 - May 13

ive recently found im out im pregnant and im so scared im going to loose it. i had light spotting when my period was due about a weekago before i new i was pregnant. i have a scan on friday to see how far gone i am and to make sure everything is ok i think ill be about 5weeks. i know so many people that have had miscarriges im sooo scared im going to loose mine what are the chances that i will? this is my 1st pregnancy and im pretty healty. im soooo paranoid


Kiddolebel - May 13

When I miscarried it was two weeks after my period was due and it was A LOT of bleeding, very painful cramps, etc. So I would probably guess it was from implantation of the egg, but I'm not a dr, just a season mom :) I googled it for you. Talk to your dr since this is your first time around, he or she will be your best friend through this adventure. No question is a stupid question to them lol. Take care and good luck! Some women will notice light bleeding about 10 to 14 days after fertilization. This is called implantation bleeding, and is caused by the egg implanting itself in your uterus. As the egg finds a home for itself in your uterus, it may disrupt the lining just a little bit, causing light bleeding. This bleeding should only last a couple of days and be fairly light. Implantation bleeding is nothing to worry about, but if it gets heavy at any time, or continues longer than a couple of days, see a doctor.


danielle19 - May 14

hi thanks for replying! it was only light bleeding i had and it lasted a couple of days ive had no cramping or anything like that im just so paranoid im going to loose it i have my scan 2moro so hopefully everything will be ok!


Ashley2121 - May 14

danielle - it sounds like it was implantation bleeding which usually appears when your period is due. I know what you mean about being parnoid - I am pregnant for the 1st time with twins and I have already had 2 scares, so I know what you mean. We just have to try to stay calm and enjoy the pregnancy :) Good luck to you


danielle19 - May 14

twins oh my gosh! twins run in my family aswell so theres a chance i could have them too! what do u mean scares? its just that i know so many people that have misscaried with there 1st time that im convinced its going to happen to me! i just want tomorrow to hurry up and get here so they can have a look at how far gone i am and to see if everything is ok! good luck to u too!x


Ashley2121 - May 14

Well the 1st one I had some light brown discharge and my dr said it was normal espicially with twins and that it was just old blood - that was when I was 7 weeks. And last night (I am now 11w4d) I had some pink/red when I wiped so I went to the hospital and they said everything was fine. I go to the drs every other week which is really awesome becuase I get to see them on u/s each time so I get to watch them grow - I love it. I am sure everything is fine with you. I have come to realize that there is nothing you can do to stop anything from happening (except for the obvious like drinking and drugs, etc) If something happens then it happens and you just have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep trying! Stay calm and enjoy your pregnancy!


danielle19 - May 14

aww i bet thats awsome seeing them grow i cant wait i just really hope everything goes ok im trying to stay positive about like you said i cant really do much about it if im going to loose it but hope it all goes ok i really want it all to be fine


danielle19 - May 16

hi just to let u know i had my scan yesterday didnt really see much just the sack and a blob lol they said im just under 5 weeks and everything looks fine - its where it should be - no blood around or in the sack! so thats kind of put my mind at ease abit now! i have another scan in 2weeks to make sure there is a heart beat! im sooo excited! xx


Ashley2121 - May 16

Thats awesome danielle - I am so happy for yor. I am glad your mind is at ease now. Have a happy & healthy 9 months :)


danielle19 - May 26

hi just wanted to share with you all that blleeding doesnt always mean theres something wrong! on wednesday i started to bleed heavily and went to the hospital they said my cervix was slightly open and i would more than likely miscarry! the next few days was a living hell for me i went for a scan on the friday to make sure it had all gone to find a litte heart beat just beating away. i was over the moon the hospital had convinced me and my parter there was no hope and i was going to loose it but there it was and all was fine! so im now 6 weeks and 5 days and i really just want to get to that 12 weeks x


danielle19 - May 26

no when i got to the hospital on friday for the scan i got seen by differnt nurses and they said baby looks fine theres no blood around or in the sack and if ive been bleeding alot then ill probably bleed for about 2weeks and thats pretty common apperently aslong as the blood doesnt change colour or get any worse then ill be fine just take it easy!


Ashley2121 - May 26

Good, I am glad everything is OK. Other than that how are you feeling?


danielle19 - May 26

im fine just tired all the time and always hungry lol the sick feeling in the morning and the tender b___bs isnt as bad now! deffinetly putting weight on lol how about you?


Ashley2121 - May 26

I have only put on about 2-3 pounds. Its been a constant struggle to gain weight. Its wierd because I never had any morning sickness or anything, but I still cant seem to gain weight. I am sure it will all show up at once :) But my belly is getting big!!!!


danielle19 - May 27

ive not actually been sick yet and just weighd myself only put 3 pounds on but i feel huge probably all in my head lol. i think im going to struggle with the fact im going to put weight on as ive only just got to the weight that im happy with im abit self conious. just keep thinking about the baby tho and i want it to be healthy so ive just got to deal with it lol


DownbutnotOUT - May 29

hey Danielle I found your story very miraculous and I wish you and your wee one the best of luck. After hearing about your cervix actually being open I hope the dr's told you about bed rest, lots of bed rest. Take care and enjoy your pregnancy!


michelleishopeful - June 23

Danielle I found your story so comforting! I am now lightly spotting pink here and there and my doc won't see me until the 29th. I believe that I am the 29th. I have spotted four times since i found out I was pregnant, about 10 weeks along... I can't believe I am going to miscarry. I just won't give up. All three of you are wonderful and I hope the best for you! I will post my findings from the doctor at my (hopefully) 12wk appointment next very first prenatal appointment. Excitement and nerves are taking over! GL to you all!



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