Am I Just A Fatty Or What

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njinco - April 29

Okay, so I'm 10 weeks pregnant, and I'm looking at my stomach, and it's absolutely huge. Blob-like. And I didn't just eat a banana split or anything. However, just two days ago, I was thinking how skinny my stomach looked. And yet, 5 days ago, I couldn't fit into my jeans. What is the deal with this fluctuation!?? I know it's not actually my uterus, but how do I stop this bloating, or whatever it is??? Is anyone else having this problem? It's sort of funny--I'm like that "before/after" diet pill commercial!!!


Angie603 - April 30

Lol...that's funny. I'm sorry I am laughing. I do feel your pain. I'm 10 weeks as well with my first. There are times during the day where I will look in the mirror and think to myself that I don't even look pregnant, but then there are other times where I have a decent sized bump. I think sometimes when you get ga__sy you bloat a bit and when you eat. Just relax and try to enjoy the blob. You will get a lot bigger, as will I:)


emilymalm - April 30

I know how you feel. I'm 16 weeks now and am starting to look preggo now instead of just fat. I remember at 10 weeks just looking like I had downed a few too many burgers and I felt that way until about 14 weeks when things started to get bigger. Unless this is not your first, don't expect to show for at least a few more weeks yet. I hate the water retention part. I've heard that drinking a lot of water can help a bit, but I think it's just due to hormones. I remember having the same thing happen with my jeans and thinking, "Is my belly shrinking?" You'll pop before you know it!


mandee25 - April 30

Yeah I certainly know what you are going through. I am 11w 2d pregnant and My belly has grown more than I thought it would although I chalk it up to bloating more than anything. You are not the only one.


srigles - May 1

I'm 10 weeks, and my stomach looks incredibly flabby/bloated. And my pants, shirts, everything is already tight on me. I think it's mostly just bloating, but I feel horrible. You're not alone!


Perl - May 1

I'm 10 weeks too and have already gained 5 pounds also 3 inches around the waist. I don't look pregnant, I just look like I'm allowing myself to get fat! Part of my problem is the nausea---if I eat something it helps the nausea. So even though they are just mini meals and snacks, they are making me fat. I look really thick around the waist. Plus the water retention, plus the gas and bloating don't help either.


tndrlvn - May 3

omg Perl i am going through the same thing, I can't stop eating because of does help but only fora little while, then i have to snack again.....i am only 9 sister keeps tellin me to suck in my gut.....HAHAHA YA RIGHT....i am...and i still have a gut...i am a little heavy to begin with ...not extreamly over weight or anything...but my dh said to me the just the other day....your growning already around the hips and b___t area...and even the sides.....of course he rea__sured me it is a nice to see cause it is baby doing it...hahaha...good thing he said it was ok...i'd kick his a__s.....hahaha NJINCO.....before/after pill commercial I HEAR YA HUN..ROFLMAO.. THAT IS HALARIOUS....heheheh



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