Am I Pregnant Amp Thats Why I Havn T Started Or Stress

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jaimmy - February 21

Hey everyone...i'm only 17, yes i know young. I don't know how to figure out weather or not i'm pregnant. I was suppose to start around Feb. 2 and never did? Is it possible to be this late just because I keep thinking/stressing about it? I had alot of s_x threw jan. & only a couple times during feb. (all uprotected &he did nut in me everytime). But I have done this before and I never for pregnant any of the other times...I keep thinking i'm going to start & I think I have cramps? I don't know what to think!! Could I be or is it in my head?


Kime - February 21

Well were you trying to get pregnant? B/c if not i dont see how u were having unprotected s_x and having your b/f ejaculate inside of you and think that you weren't going to get pregnant, sry dont mean to be rude but i just dont understand why people do that sort of thing. But ya if you haven't started you need to get a test b/c you will still cramp even though ur period isn't gonna come. And there is a good chance that u might be i know that i had s_x plenty of times protected and unprotected( withdrew though) and never got pregnant but man did i have my scares. Then when i got married and me and my husband tried to have a baby i had just gottn off bc and got pregnant the next month. Sometimes ur just lucky. But ya hun don't rule out that ur not preggo just b/c u havent gotten preggo b4 b/c this time might have been the time it happened and if you are you need to find out asap so you can start to find out what your going to do about the pregnancy. Hope all goes well swetty>>>>>


sfrog68 - February 21

I would say you need to take a test. Atleast that way you would know and there would be no questions. I also had my 1st child at 17 so if you need to talk feel free to chat w\ith me since I have been there.


jaimmy - February 21

It wasn't that I was trying to get pregnant...I've been with him for almost 4 years now. & things just happen & I kinda figured if i hadn't gotten pregnant all those other times why would this time be any different? I just don't know what to think? How did you tell your parents sfrog68?


taraleej - February 21

hey..first of all get a preg test and that will answer you most important question! I had my first child at 18 I thought the same thing u thought...i wasnt getting preg for a while and then boom it happened!!! just hope for the best! good luck!


jaimmy - February 21

I have a couple more questions...IF i am pregnant i go tanning usually every monday threw friday for 15 mins each day, in tanning beds and use tanning lotion is this ok to keep doing? And i always take Adderall for ADD monday threw friday to, is it ok to take the same medicine consistantly like this? And will either of these to things harm the baby?


sfrog68 - February 21

jaimmy, there is no easy way to tell your parents. I started with my mom because I had more of a relationship with her, then I had to go to my step-father. It is nerve racking, but I will tell you they can help you get through the things a 17 year old has no clue of. Just like the medication questions and tanning questions, they need to be answered by a doctor now versus waiting. I know its hard to talk to your parents sometimes trust me, but you have to do what is right for you and the baby if you are pregnant. If you have $15 dollars or so, go out a buy a home test and test yourself 1st if you are scared to talk to them. That way atleast you should have a + or - sign and know what you need to discuss with them. If it is negative you need to talk to someone, anyone that can help you get on some type of birth control until you are really ready to have a baby. I hope I don't sound like I am preaching, I know how hard it is to raise a baby and be 17. I was still in highschool and thankfully had my familys support to make me finish. Please talk to someone the sooner the better. Wishing you the best and let us know how things went. If you have no support at home, I will always be happy to answer your questions the best I can.


ChattyKathy - February 21

Tanning is a no-no. As far as your medication goes, that is something you'll have to discuss with your doctor.


jaimmy - February 21

What if i've already been tanning since the beginning of january? In their i had a 2 week break but is something gonna be wrong if i've tanned so much latley?


jaimmy - February 21

Its not that i don't want to be pregnant...I wanted to for awhile but now that all this is going on i don't know what to think. I honestly thought either him or me couldn't have kids because we've had s_x so much without a condom and he has c_m in me so many times before, we've been doing this since probably mid year of 06. And i don't want to feel stupid and this all be in my head..I don't want to know if I am..I keep thinking ok just wait a couple more days and if i don't start i'll take a test but i've been doing that pretty much this whole month, i keep thinking i could start any day now.


sfrog68 - February 22

jaimmy, Just because you haven't gotten pregnant since you started having s_x without protection doesn't mean you 2 can not get pregnant. It took my husband and I 4 years to finally get pregnant the 1st time and we did not use protection for the whole 4 years. It is all a timing thing and if you had s_x at the right time you very well could be pregnant. I suggest not waiting to find out. If you are not pregnant wouldn't you rather know now so you quit stressing over it. If you are not pregnant I would consider really thinking twice about having a baby so early in life. You have so many years ahead of you. I wouldn't change anything about having my son, however, I did miss out on a bunch of things because I did have him so early. Just take the test and find out one way or the other.


akmomma - February 22

Jaimmy~ Please girl, just take the test already! If your NOT PG, your stressing out so much that your not havening a period and thats not healthy.. If you are PG, you need to speak with a doctor ASAP to consider options. It took my husband and I 2 years to get PG, so, yes, it does Just happen....And you should always be using protection! Especially this young!! There are lots of other things that can happened besides pregnancy to worrie about, especially at your age! (Guys are so "committed" at 17 or 18!!) to you, or being a father! And tanning....This is a NO NO! If your PG, your skin can become more sencitive, and be very damaged from the UV light. It also has an effect on the fetus.... A little natural sun wont hurt, but dont forget the sunscreen!



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