Am I Pregnant - Brown Discharge For 1 Day :S

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breathnach333 - June 4

I am currently not using any contraception and myself and my partner are sexually active. Note my periods are not due for another week if not more, the other day I noticed a small amount of brown discharge, so I thought it came early ( it never has) however it was lighter then usual and lasted 1 day if not less..there was a tiny bit of red blood but majority was dark brown and stopped very sudden. My periods usually last 3-4 days and normally heavy. Could this be implantation bleeding? I have not yet gotten any other symptoms, only small cramps before i noticed the discharge, ( similar to period pains) bloating and little lower back pain, one thing i really noticed was a lot of gas from both ends, other then that i feel okay, no morning sickness or sore breasts. If any experienced ladies could give me some advice i would highly appreciate.


NElizabeth - June 26

Hi, early spotting could be a sign of pregnancy. Did you take a pregnancy test yet? You would be super early in the pregnancy so you probably wouldn't be experiencing morning sickness or sore breasts yet. Gas and bloating could be a sign.


breathnach333 - June 26

I haven't yet took a home pregnancy test Because I don't want to be disapoonted. Also I didn't have any other symptoms like morning sickness or sore breast... However my periods are due and so far still no sign at all this time. If i don't get them this weekend coming I will purchase a home pregnancy test


breathnach333 - June 26

Disapointed **


breathnach333 - June 26

Also may I add. I came off the depo early February and went to the pill as a replacement ( in the past i never had problems with the pill, just a normal cycle) .nehu I didn't get my periods back to normal for 3 months and then had my regular cycle. However I figured after a period of time to give myself a break from the pill as myself and my parter wanted to try for a baby anyway. Could this be the cause of a short period? Then again, like I said I am due my periods again.. And so far no sign at all.. But no strong signs of pregnancy either. I figured since I got my normal cycle back it would be easier to conceive. But since deciding to come off the pill it's hard to know what is going on. Hope you can help. Thank you.


NElizabeth - June 28

It takes time for you body to go back to normal after stopping or changing birth control. This can cause your period to be shorter or more irregular. Did you end up taking a pregnancy test?


breathnach333 - July 5

yes I did, came out negative however. I suppose better luck next time, still waiting for my cycle to come around :( .


NElizabeth - July 5

Im really sorry it came back negative. How late are you now? Maybe you should make an appointment with your gyno just for a check up to make sure everything is OK.



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