Am I Really Pregnant Someone Help

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Carla - June 19

I just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant. I took a pregnant almost 2 weeks ago. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests both reading(+). I had my first prenatal appointment last thursday and my doctor said that the test should not have read positive this early. Is this this true?? He also did a va___al ultrasound and said it he wasn't sure if I was really pregnant. There was a black dot and said he hopes that is the baby. He gave me a Rx for my vitamins and said come back in 4 weeks. I guess my question is that can you take a (PT)...well 2 and both say positive and you not be pregnant? Or what is the earliest you can take a pregnancy test and it read positive?


k - June 19

I've honestly never heard of a positive test if your not pregnant unless your on certain drugs which mimic the hormone. I am 6 1/2 wks and found out when I was 4 using various pg tests, cleareblue being the most convincing. At 5 wks not sure what you'd see on normal us, v____al us should have shown something I think, but not a lot. Maybe just a sac? Are you sure your even 5 wks, may be earlier? The heart doesn't start beating until 6 wks. I would wait and see with this one because your Dr obviously has concerns, but sounds like your probably pregnant to me. Ask for blood to be taken to check your HGC levels and that should tell you for sure. Hope that helps and good luck.


j. - June 19

Yes, nowadays you can get positve tests that early! And at 5 weeks, you can't see much at all and usually there's no heartbeat. You would probably see that in a week or so. I think your doctor should have been a lot more re-a__suring and should have asked you to come back in a week to check on progress. To wait around 4 weeks now, not feeling sure you are pregnant, that's horrible. I'd take another hpt to see if the line still comes up strong. If it does, then things are looking good. If you can try and get another date for a scan. Sorry, the doctor wasn't more helpful. Keep us posted..


cheryl - June 20

Carla- the same thing happened to me. I took the first test 3 days after I missed my period and it was positive. I naturally took more to be sure, and they were all positive. I went to doc and he gave me my first u/s and didn't see anything so he told me the same thing. Of course, the next couple of weeks were confusing and nerve racking. My Hcg levels kept rising so I went back last Monday and had another u/s. I saw the baby and what might be a second baby and the heartbeat of the first one!!! We are not sure if it was actually a second baby because we couldnt get a good view. Now I have to wait again, to have another u/s to see if it really is 2 babies! Evidently the reason we couldn't see anything in the first u/s was because my due date was off about a week, which means I must have ovulated later in my cycle or maybe I was wrong about the first day of my lmp? I hope that gives you hope and something to look forward to! Congratulations and good luck!


A - June 20

No offense, but you might want to look into geting a new doctor. I mean, how can he be not sure you are pregnant if you are 5 weeks!????


Carla - June 20

Thanks everyone for your responses!!! I will keep you posted.


a.l - June 20

What is wrong with your doctor? He is supposed to do blood work to confirm pregnancy...There is a such thing as false positives, but still, your doc Hope u are preggy!



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