Am I The Only One

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linzee - April 18

who gets kinda relieved by new symptoms?? today i got heartburn for the first time in my life, so i know its definately because of the baby. when i get a new symptom, it kinda reassures me everything is ok..does anyone else feel like this? or has anyone gotten new symptoms and they found out a few weeks later the baby had died through an ultrasound before your new symptom hit?


charliepaulchloe - April 20

hi linzee, i know what you mean getting the symptoms actually makes it seem real. i didnt have ANY symptoms with my first child other than heartburn in the last 3months of pg but have suffered with it since. was pg again but had m/c in dec 05 and had no symptoms then but am now 13-15 wks pg again and have had all the symptoms from sore bbs, sickness, cramping ,moods but luckily they are all going now( touch wood!). let me know how you get on an if u get any new symptoms!


fara - April 20

hi linzee..ur not the only 1..i had a miscarriage dec 05.. how many weeks ru now?


charliepaulchloe - April 20

im between 13 and 15


linzee - April 20

im 10 weeks 2 days...i had my first u/s at 7w6d and i was able to see the baby and the heartbeat, and my doctor told me the baby looked perfect for around 7/8 weeks...i have my next appointment may 10, and i'll be 14w1d. i havent had any signs of miscarraige and everything seems to be good, but i keep reading about people who had no idea they miscarried until the next ultra sound and it scares me!! i was happy when i felt the heartburn for the first time, because i knew it was because of the pregnancy, but now im not to sure because i never realized how much it could hurt!! how many weeks are you fara?


squished - April 25

I feel the same way linzee! I got up the other morning and was zooming around, had all the energy in the world, I didn't have that wierd feeling like I do sometimes in the a.m and then all of a sudden I was worried :) Later in the day though...I was out cold napping away!



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