Am I The Only One In Here That Took Clomid To Get Pg

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MuzikGurl - April 29

It seems like I'm the only one in here that took clomid and got pregnant...I think I have seen one or two other women in here that took it also but, I feel so comfortable in the forum "trying to get pregant" under "problems getting pregnant" but, when I got pregnant I thought it was time to move over to this forum but, it seems like no matter what I post or respond to others I either feel ignored or like I'm the odd one. First of all I'm overweight with PCOS had to take clomid in order to get pg. and it seems like many of you in here have normal periods, probably at a normal weight, with no fertility issues whatsoever. Why am I so alone? If I am wrong please correct me. thanks.


vickypops1 - April 29

Hi muzikgurl I had clomid with my daughter who is now 4 I hardly ever had periods and ws tryimg for a couple of years clomid worked the second time when the dose doubled Ive got pregnant without it this time but otly understand what your going through,ask me any questions I did have quite a few probs due to excees horone levels but nothing major just ickness all the way through and pubis symphosis Impanicking this time cos I don feel sick!


SashaP - April 29

Your not alone. I was on the other forum with you. I took clomid and had an IUI and also got pg this month. I'm now 4w 4days along. How far along are you now? It took me 28 months to conceive. It was a year for you right?


MuzikGurl - April 29

thanks for responding I just felt so outta place here for some reason. the only symptoms I am having is horrible cramping and pulling sensations I have another week before I see the dr. for the first time since I got my pos. I hate having to wait so long I'm trying hard not to worry too much about this but it's frightening that what if something is wrong. Sometimes the cramping I am bend over in pain and sometimes I'm not. I don't know if this is normal or not. Everyone here says I am probably pregnant with multiples and since this is my first pregnancy that it could be just my body making room. mom is telling me since the pain is going from one side to the next that maybe i need to call the doctor but, he's not in on the weekends and I mean I see him in a week maybe I'm just too modest about this. According to the online calculators based on my lmp I am going on 8 weeks. yes, it took us a year. what is pubis symphosis??? by the way it sounds doesn't sound good. anyways thanks for the comfort.


vickypops1 - April 30

I have pulling pains and had it with my daughter its normal.It is horrid having to wait but thats all you can do honest its a good sign im sure.pubis symphosis is common on fertility drugs not harmful to baby its just the pelvis openening too early its just difficult to walk far I was on crutches towards the end but totaly not harmfull to baby just a bit of discomort,I seemed to have excessive sickness and blotchy skin prob due to the hormones but all totaly worth it!!!!!Im paniking as i havent felt sick yet!Honestly it is normal to feel aches ad pains the first 3mths you feel sooooo tired and I had period pains last time and this time try and relax and keep me posted xx


bknbone - April 30

The pubic symphysis is the part of your pelvis that spreads apart when you have a baby. It is not a disease. I also took clomid and have one HB at 9 weeks.


sunshyne9 - May 1

Hi Muzikgurl. I to am also overweight with PCOS. I was suppose to go into a fertilty clinic in June becaseu I was trying to loose weight first before we thought about getting pregneat. Made sense, healthier pregnancy for both me and my unborn child. Well didnt' work out that way. lol I had my last period I belive about Feb sometime and from there never have gotten another one.. which for me is normal. I use to get my period about once every 3 months or so... not thinking anything on it went on to going ot the gym and eating awesome. Till one day I started gaging at everything and just felt aweful.. ohhhhhhhhh dear lol I got a pregnancy test taht day and sure enough got pregneat on my own. So im right there with you for sure. I think I got pregneat the month right after I stopped taking the birth control, it had to be. Anyways im happy as hell now as so is my b/f, it's my 2nd child, my daughter is almost 6. If you want to chat I can also give you my email addy if you want and we can chat there too.. All the best. Where you from? Im from Toronto, Ontario and im 30.


lisa_sc - May 1

Hi MuzikGurl. You posted on my question in the "problems getting pregnant". I was taking Femara to get pregnant and you're right, some girls on here have NO idea how hard and how long it takes for some of us to get pregnant. So, you're no alone. We're all here for you!!!


knpandrews - May 1

Hi ladies... I was on clomid because i have PCOS for 5 months. I could not take the way it was making me feel so my doc. switched me to femara for 3 months. Once again we have no luck with that either. So we decided to take a break from all drugs and schedule to have IVF done in early Feb. Well to my surprise... I went off the pills in Nov. and got pregnant with no help in Jan. My fertility doc. was very surprised. She said it does happen and that sometimes the body just needs a chance to regroup. I think that i what happened with me. I do know several people who have had great success with clomid. Clomid has a very good success rate and I give major credit to the women who were able to get pregnant with it. Congrats and hang in there!!!


MuzikGurl - May 3

thanks to everyone on here that posted I feel alot better....I really appreciate all of you that helpped me get over this and one less thing to worry about. Many thanks and happy healthy 9 months to all of you!


Katherine79 - May 3

Hey Muzikgirl, I was on the other forum too. I took Clomid it was my first month and got pregnant. We had been trying since Sept. 05 and had 1 miscarriage. I should be due early Jan. Have your bbs been sore? Mine were and now they aren't so that worries me.


tonia - May 3

Congratulations to all of you! I am curious? What DPO did you get your BFP's and what dpo did you feel (if you felt) possible impantation cramping? I am on clomid, third cycle and 1st IUI....I am 5 little cramps today and lots of creamy cm and very hot in there when I check my cp.


pattford - May 3

i got pergnant on clomid on my 9th try. not all tries were with clomid, but most were. I got pregnant early last year on 50mg of clomid. I had a blighted ovum. I got pregnant again this time on 50mg and I'm hoping to not have a miscarriage. My hcg was 249 on 16dpo, and 1306 on 19dpo. Hopefully, these are good signs. Oh yah, progesterone was 32 on 16dpo. good luck everyone!!!!!


jnine29 - May 3

hello MuzikGurl i took clomid to get pg i was all so overweight and i have PCOS and got my period once a year(but i went 2 years with out getting one) so it was very hard for me to get pg,i was told that i will COULD NOT HAVE ONLY MORE BABIES which upset set me alot i went to a new dr and he put me clomid 50 g from day 2 of my period till day 6, then he told me what days WE had to have s_x to get pg, so we did it just like he said to ,i went back 2 weeks after we had s_x to found out that i was pg so i was very happy !!!!:D and with for a utlersound to found out that i was pg with TWINS !!! i was like wow and now waitting till november the 6th to see the too little ones when is ur baby due ? and good luck :D



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