Am I The Only One That Feels This Bad

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Jodie86 - May 3

I'm 8 weeks pregnant, and i feel like a teenager again! My skin has gone really bad, i can't eat with out feeling sick, i've gone off the things i normally eat, every morning i have the same routine, wake up, run upstairs to be sick, get really hot, then cool down again, then get ready for work....can't eat any breakfast, but starving once i reach work! I'm slamming doors, my moods are all over the place i can't keep up with them! I'm so so pleased that i'm having my first little baby, but really how can something so small cause so much trouble!!!??? Is anyone else feeling this bad? I keep reading peoples posts and the only thing they have is the usual sore bb's and a bit of nausea!


18wbabynov - May 3

haha... no, i was haywire too... haha... it does get a lot better after a few more weeks! that sounds like the picture perfect preggoness! congrats! the same things happen to a lot of preggo women! me included! dont worry, it will get better!


lisa_sc - May 3

Hi Jodie. I'm almost 7 weeks and I feel the same way. Actually my m/s just kicked in this past weekend so that was the icing on the cake! This is my first too and I'm just waiting for the 2nd trimester when everything sort of smooths out. Good Luck and hang in there, you'll feel better before you know it.


Jodie86 - May 3

Well, glad to hear i'm not the only one, i'm just worried about everything at the moment!!! I spoke to my doctor today, as i can't eat, and being sick, but nothing there, sorry if tmi, thats whats killing me, so she's prescribed me some tablets to take! So hopefully I'll feel a bit better! I can't believe how quickly this is all going! I'm already almost in my 3rd month!!! It's mad! I'm so happy! Just wish i felt better!


AshleyB - May 3

I"m 7.5wks, and I"ve been horribly sick. I haven't been able to work or take my vitamins or keep down hardly anything. My dr put me on zofran and after a week of being on it i"m just now feeling some relief. I havn't thrown up in 2days. And I haven't been sleeping at night, because I've been just miserable, I wake up with bad stomach aches, and have had a cold. You're not the only one, honey. Hopefully this all gets better soon.


mandie - May 3

It was the same for me too. Between the sickness, moods, bad skin and all, I used to joke with people that this kid is gonna be grounded as soon as it's born! It's been bad and causing trouble from the start. Ha, Ha, just kidding. It will all be worth it in the end.


skinnyminny - May 4

I dont even know what hunger feels like anymore. It isnt like before, its like i feel sick and achey. So logically i should eat right? WRONG. Nothing appeals to me. If i force something down i take two bites and can't eat anymore. I'm yet to throw up. I just am really hating food right now, and THAT makes it impossibel to sleep. My belly is always screaming for food but i cant eat anything. I'm living on milk and vitamins, with the occasional bite of something.



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