Am So Scary

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Kristina 31 - October 2

Hello! Am somehow hopeless and I need a little good advice. When my period was 6 days overdue i did homepregnancy test and it was positive! But today 8 th day mu period due I had a very less spotting all day and am so nervous and worry . I dont have any pains just panic and so lonely feeling. Am from Europe , have been in the States a year. My husband tried to calm me down but i just need someones advice.


Julie Ann - October 3

No offense to you but Iv seen several...Im bleeding, Im spotting, Im cramping, there's pain....posts. If you think something is wrong dont waste the time to type a message online..GO TO THE DOCTOR


queen - October 3

Julie Ann there is no need to be like that..sometimes people are scared to go to the docs...and hear what they dont want 2 hear...maybe you should try be nice and comfort her...not be a b___h!


Julie Ann - October 3

Im not being a b___h as that is such harsh words to say to someone you dont know. Its common sense to go to the doctor if there is something 'wrong'. Why waste precious time worrying and waiting for someone from who knows where to post back to you online when you could already be at the ER. All Im saying is if you think its a major problem dont post just go. For minor things sure find out opinons from people first but not for something your panicing about.


to the queen and Julie Ann - October 3

Hello! I thank you both just for some note. You both are right. Julie Ann, it really doesnt seem logical to complain worries online and doctor is the professional help . But I live in such a small place and everything happened in weekend , so its my first pregnancy, first emotions and big panic. Next week am going to the doctor for sure. When you read all those worries here in this forum , then the biggest worry is loosing the baby. thank you both and i wish everything ok to you



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