American Idol

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jessicaspatherapist - January 16

hey girls, i know this might be lame, but my husband and i are so excited that American Idol is starting back up tonight!!! I loooooooove that show and it will help me get through the weeks of pregnancy...will give me something to watch when i'm tired and cranky and can't stop goodness for DVR (tivoe). any other fans out there?


jen327 - January 16

I LOVE IT. Between AI and 24 I am in heaven. i LOVE IT!! Someting for me to obsess about aside from my pregnancy!


charee - January 17

Yes I have been wondering and waiting and now, its on! I watched it tonight- i love that show!


moescrilla - January 17

I LOVE IT! the first part of the pregnancy is gonna fly by because of it! lol. Between that an Desperate Housewives....and some mtv shows....I'm in


MNMOM - January 17

Jessica: Hey girl, where have you been?!?!? You disappeared for a while! Several of us gals were worried about you! How was hawaii and the wedding?!?!?!? Have you told your family the news already???


kelley - January 17

oh my goodness yes... I love it and I watched it in bed last night... my dh thinks that I am crazy, but oh well... I really love the auditions... some people...LOL.


jessicaspatherapist - January 17

the show was funny last night :) but my husband got annoyed with it and went to! mnmom, i've been back for quite some time, i haven't seen you around though! lol.....when i got back from all my travels my computer was broken so we got a new one so i was gone for a whole month....but now i've been back for about 3 weeks. my family knows ALL of our news and they are happy for us after some hesitations....but we really did the best thing for us because our wedding was just so memorable and simply gorgeous! i'm so glad we much easier!


Kerry5 - January 17

Congrats Jessica! I am so glad AI has started. It will at least make the weeks go by a little faster. My first ultrasound in on Monday (8w5d) so I need something to keep my mind off of it at least for a few hours a night!


MNMOM - January 17

Glad to hear everything went well for you then Jessica!!! I am going to HI in Sept, this is a trip we have had planned for a long time. Now however, the timing is not the best as I will have a 2 month old then and will have to travel with a baby and a nanny! :) Oh well!


jendean00 - January 17

I love it too, although last night I have never seen so many commercials. Hopefully there will ot be as many tonight.


jodie - January 17

Yes!! They are in my town of seattle tonight where apparently they found the WORST Thats funny!! LA LA LA LA!!!!!!!!!



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